Famous logos redesigned as fonts

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A good logo design often depends on a good typeface. If you get it right, the perfect font choice can become synonymous with a brand. To show how a strong identity can remain recognisable even when you swap out the brand name, designer and teacher Emanuele Abrate has been conducting a series of interesting logo experiments.

In his experiments, Abrate has swapped out the names of brands like Adidas and YouTube for the names of the fonts they use. Speaking to Co. Design, he revealed that the project came about as he struggled to identify the typeface in a logo. "Every time I see a logo, I wonder how it was conceived, how it was designed, what kind of typeface was used and why."

The results will make you double-take. In most cases, our eyes have become so used to the font styles and logo graphics that we'll just glaze over when looking at a design that looks recognisable enough. Take a look at them by scrolling left to right with the arrow icons in the gallery below.

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