Fable&Co rebrand award winning, London based production company, Hide&Seek

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Fable&Co rebrand award winning, London based production company, Hide&Seek
Fable&Co rebrand award winning, London based production company, Hide&Seek


Earlier this year Fable&Co embarked on a full rebrand for award winning, London based production company, Hide&Seek. Responsible for crafting transformative films that move people, organisations & the world. The team have very recently had one of their documentaries (The Ten Dollar Death Trip) aired on Netflix. Their work is watched by millions worldwide; inspiring global policy change & influencing over £200m of critical funding for key causes.  

Fable&Co’s challenge was to create a slick new visual identity which better reflected Hide&Seeks abilities. Paramount to the brief was to demonstrate the critical role that ‘perspective’ has in demystifying complex societal matters, by demonstrating the reality of life through an alternative lens used by the mainstream media.

The new logo was crafted to simply denote the playful narrative behind the name Hide&Seek. The word ‘hide’ sits behind the other letters in the wordmarque, hidden from view, like the stories Hide& Seek masterfully to bring to light with aplomb. 

Emblematic of a modern, progressive aesthetic, a distinctive brand monogram was created to complement the primary wordmarque. Designed as a simple yet highly distinctive H&S monogram, offering greater flexibility & versatility across the inevitable variety of sizing requirements.

The contemporary, avant-guard & pioneering aesthetic of Hide&Seek’s new brand identity perfectly reflects the superior quality of films they produce. The simple, black & white colour palette is further supported by a polished ‘metallic-like’ gradient which is used throughout the brand identity, which gives the identity additional depth & progressive ‘high-tech’ qualities, helping emphasise the innovation inherent within both the techniques & philosophies which Hide&Seek embodies.

For more information make sure to check out the Fable&Co website.


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