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Inspirational Website of the Week: Postevand

A modern grid based design with great typography. Our pick this week.

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Lucia is a simple yet flexible user and session management library that provides an abstraction layer between your app and your database.

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Shadow Mapping In Three.js

In this article Misaki Nakano writes about how to do shadow mapping in Three.js.

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OKLCH in CSS: why we moved from RGB and HSL

Learn about the CSS Color Module 4 which adds oklch() and allows for P3 wide-gamut support.

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The New CSS Media Query Range Syntax

The Media Queries Level 4 specification has introduced a new syntax for targeting a range of viewport widths using common mathematical comparison operators, like , and =, that make more sense syntactically while writing less code for responsive web design.

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The HTTP crash course nobody asked for

Learn all about the functioning of HTTP in this crash course.

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The Perfect Commit

Simon Willison shares his work around the Perfect Commit and what steps it invovles.

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Scroll to Text Fragments

Learn about scroll to text fragments which just landed in Safari. By Jim Nielsen.

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Generative art Open Graph preview images

A how-to on generative art and browser automation by Matthew Ström.

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State of CSS 2022

Web styling features of today and tomorrow, as seen at Google IO 2022, plus some extras.

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An open source static site CMS for Next.js. Create your blog or website in minutes. No dabatase needed.

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Designing an Accessible Future

Geri Reid’s talk at this year’s WDC in Bristol on applying the principles of WCAG 3.0 to some current visions of the future.

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Image Steganography Tool

A simple C++ encryption and steganography tool that uses Password-Protected-Encryption to secure a file’s contents, and then proceeds to embed it insde an image’s pixel-data using Least-Significant-Bit encoding.

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Hydra is live code-able video synth and coding environment that runs directly in the browser. It is free and open-source and made for beginners and experts alike.

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Fragment Shader Art

Another creative coding shader exploration by Daniel Velasquez.

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Fancy Image Decorations: Outlines and Complex Animations

In this third and final piece of a series on image decorations, Temani Afif shows more techniques using the CSS outline property.

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Masked Gradient Dashed Lines

A very interesting technique for creating dashed lines with a gradient. By Eric Meyer.

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Wormhole still frames sequence CSS only w/ commands

A really cool CSS Only animation of still frames sequence made by Olivier Blanc.

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Swurl is a new search engine that allows you to search everything instantly!

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Invasive Diffusion: How one unwilling illustrator found herself turned into an AI model

Andy Baio on a recent Stable Diffusion AI discussion regarding the ethics of using an artist’s style.

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Brett Williams’ Portfolio Place

The super cool “Portfolio Place” is the home of Brett Williams’ web experiments.

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Building Chrometober!

Read how the scrolling book came to life for sharing fun and frightening tips and tricks this Chrometober.

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This project is a combination of a personal education project to learn JavaScript Mobile Development using React Native and a business idea to create a mobile app with offline-only events.

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Unreveal Effects for Content Previews | Codrops

Some explorations of page transitions using covering elements and CSS clip-paths.

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