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Inspirational Website of the Week: VoidersClub

A slick retro design with brilliant colors and great typography. Our pick this week.

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Making a Morphing 3D Sphere in Javascript with Three.js

In this guide you’ll leanr how to create a morphing sphere with a cool, wireframe background.

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A Handy Use For Cascade Layers

Michelle Barker shares how cascade layers are a perfect solution to a problem she was having.

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The AI Art Apocalypse

Alexander Wales writes about AI created art and what it means for artists.

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Needle (Beta)

Needle Engine is a web-based runtime for 3D apps. It runs on your machine for development, and can be deployed anywhere. It is flexible, extensible, and collaboration and XR come naturally.

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Design the next iPhone

Apple is running out of ideas and needs your help. Another fun project by Neal Agarwal.

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Choo-Choo World

An amazing web based wooden train track builder.

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What was that media query code again??

A website that lists popular media queries with a handy copy button.

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Sidekick is a live application debugger that lets you troubleshoot your applications while they keep on running.

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I replaced all our blog thumbnails using DALL·E 2 for $45: here’s what I learned

A very interesting use case for AI generated images in a blog.

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An easy color palette generator for beautiful color schemes. Analogous, complementary, split complementary, triadic, monochromatic (tones, tints, shades) & more.

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Jhey Thompkins shows how you can select the previous siblings of an element with :has() for a cool hover effect.

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90’s Cursor Effects

Fun JavaScript mouse effects that follow your cursor or finger! By Tim Holman.

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Creative list styling

A look at some useful and creative ways to style a list. By Michelle Barker.

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System Design

Learn how to design systems at scale and prepare for system design interviews.

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Learn the most popular approaches for building, securing, and operating webhooks, with recommendations for webhook providers and consumers.

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CSS Grid and Custom Shapes, Part 2

The second article in a series where you’ll learn how to use CSS Grid, clip-path, and mask to create custom shaped grids.

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A scalable, distributed, collaborative, document-graph database, for the realtime web

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My Experience Speaking at VueConf US 2022

A detailed article about speaking at a conference by Austin Gil.

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Custom SVG Cursors with an Interactive Emitter Effect

Several interactive cursor effects made with JavaScript and SVG.

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