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Inspirational Website of the Week: Jorge Toloza

An excellent design with a unique feel and smooth animations. Our pick this week.

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Build websites faster with Divi Cloud

Divi Cloud is like Dropbox for your Divi websites: save something to Divi Cloud and it becomes available on all of your and your clients’ websites while you build them.

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Mobile-First CSS: Is It Time for a Rethink?

Patrick Clancey summarizes the advantages of the mobile first approach and some alternate solutions if mobile-first doesn’t seem to suit a project.

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The World’s Most Satisfying Checkbox

Some great insight into how the (Not Boring) Habits app became Apple Design Award winner with a game feel approach.

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Just in time edge rendering, island based interactivity, and no configuration TypeScript support using Deno.

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A collection of thinking tools and frameworks to help you solve problems, make decisions and understand systems.

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Software Engineering

Addy Osmani shares some of the software engineering soft skills he has learned from his first 10 years on Google Chrome.

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CSS Shadow Gradients

A generator for supercool shadow gradients with pure CSS. By Alvaro Trigo.

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In circles and spheres

In this Offscreen Canvas edition, you’ll learn all about looping over circles, sines, cosines, and spheres.

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Simple CSS solutions

Kevin Powell shows some straigh-forward CSS solutions using pseudo-classes.

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Aspects of Accessibility (a11y) – Semantics, Contrast and… Anxiety?

An article by Sara J. Wallén that covers some a11y issues, also looking at anxiety-inducing design.

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Plain text. With lines.

Kartik Agaram writes about an app he made that allows to write and draw.

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Stack Tower Game

Michal Zalobny made this Stack Tower Game with THREE.js and React based on Hunor Márton Borbély’s tutorial.

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The End of Localhost

Learn why swyx thinks that in the future, most development will not be done on localhost.

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Tooll 3 – A realtime animation toolkit

An open source software for motion design and procedural content generation. Makers are calling for folks to help and try it out!

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Three.js Particle Skull

Anderson Mancini made this interactive skull in Three.js. Watch the breakdown and check out the code.

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Better scrolling through modern CSS

Learn all about improving scrolling through CSS in this article by Mayank.

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Useful utilities and toys over DNS

Free and useful services over DNS accessible on command line.

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How to: Make your multilingual website suitable for RTL

Some knowledgeable things to make your website suitable for RTL and LTR languages with just HTML and CSS.

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I’ve locked myself out of my digital life

A very interesting article by Terence Eden on a situation that shows the limits of the “Code Is Law” movement.

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Keep your calendar in a plain text file with Calendar.txt. It is versionable, supports all operating systems and easily syncs with Android mobile phone.

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The W3C Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) shares some essential patterns for understanding when and why to use ARIA.

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Dialogs and shadow DOM: can we make it accessible?

Nolan Lawson takes another look at getting dialogs to play nicely with shadow DOM.

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Sake is a command runner for local and remote hosts. You define servers and tasks in a sake.yaml config file and then run the tasks on the servers.

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