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A peer-to-peer stack for building software together. Without central servers and censorship.

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JavaScript Speed Coding Challenge

Are you ready to put your JavaScript skills to the test? Enter the challenge and see how you stack up among the world’s top developers!

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Mannequin.js is a simple library of an articulated mannequin figure. The shape of the figure and its movements are done purely in JavaScript. The graphics is implemented in Three.js.

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A Utility Class for Covering Elements

Michelle Barker shares a useful utility class that you can use to easily cover elements.

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A place to showcase websites, receive web design awards, find inspiration for a web design project and interact with people that have similar interests.

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Advent of Code 2020

A new edition of the great coding Advent calendar: Advent of Code is an Advent calendar of small programming puzzles for a variety of skill sets and skill levels that can be solved in any programming language you like.

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Automatic Social Share Images

A fantastic tutorial on how to generate social share images with a serverless function and headless browser by Ryan Filler.

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CSS Sticky Parallax Sections

Ryan Mulligan’s CSS sticky positioning demo with some neat parallax effect on scroll using scale transforms.

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Introduction to Bash Scripting

An open-source introduction to Bash scripting that will help you learn the basics of Bash scripting for automating your daily SysOps, DevOps, and Dev tasks.

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Structure Synth JS

An amazing demo collection by Gerard Ferrandez that will take you to another world.

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Clemens Wenger: Physics of Beauty

An interactive, minimal audio-visual dive into the music album by Clemens Wenger.

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Explore the physics of other universes with this particle simulator that was built in ~500 lines of self-contained HTML/JS/WebGL2.

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2020: Projects of the Year

Every December, Readymag’s team takes a look back at the previous 12 months and selects the best projects made with their platform.

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Create slides using Markdown with this cool tool.

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Real Debugging Beyond Console Log

Steve Griffith shows how to debug code beyond console.log statements.

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I created my own YouTube algorithm (to stop me wasting time)

Great article on how Chris Lovejoy improved the YouTube recommendation algorithm using the YouTube API and Amazon’s AWS Lambda.

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An ex-Googler’s guide to dev tools

After leaving Google, many engineers miss the developer tools. Here’s one ex-Googler’s guide to navigating the dev tools landscape outside of Google, finding the ones that fill the gaps you’re feeling, and introducing these to your new team.

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Preview your business cards in a 3D scene you can customize, save and export.

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Time to Say Goodbye to Google Fonts

Simon Wicki explains why you should self-host your fonts for better performance.

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K!sbag: Free minimal portfolio template

K!sbag is a free minimal site template with 6 ready-made HTML pages for building a personal portfolio website.

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Under-Engineered Responsive Tables

Adrian Roselli shows how to make a WCAG-compliant responsive HTML table.

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Coding a Simple Raymarching Scene with Three.js

A coding session where you’ll learn how to set up a simple Raymarching scene with Three.js.

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