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Inspirational Website of the Week: makemepulse

Makemepulse challenges the laws of physics by being razor sharp and smooth as a feather at the same time. Our pick this week.

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Ten modern layouts in one line of CSS

A post by Una Kravets that highlights a few powerful lines of CSS that do some serious heavy lifting and help you build robust modern layouts.

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Lights and Shadows

Bartosz Ciechanowski’s interactive journey into the world of light and how it interacts with different objects.

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The Cicada Principle, revisited with CSS variables

Lea Verou shows some amazing examples of the Cicada Principle with CSS variables.

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Accordion Rows in CSS Grid

Eric Meyer shares the way he’s using CSS Grid rows to for more layout flexibility.

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A newsletter with tips, demos, articles and a monthly challenge all about the magical world of SVG! By Cassie Evans and Louis Hoebregts.

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WebGL with Three.js Program

Bruno Simon has started working on a Three.js course and the outline looks very promising.

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CSS News July 2020

In this article, Rachel Andrew takes a look at some of the interesting CSS features that are making their way into browsers right now.

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Rubik’s Cube

A Rubik’s cube made with Three.js. By Aaron Bird.

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A modern, modular, extensible button system designed for both rapid prototyping and production-ready applications.

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Favicon in Dark Mode

A great CodyHouse video that shows how to change the colors of your favicon when dark mode is enabled.

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The Comeback of Fun in Visual Design

Michael Flarup writes about the long awaited “swing of the pendulum” in visual design.

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Uncommon CSS Properties

In this article, Ahmad Shadeed goes through some different interesting CSS properties.

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Find a perfect freelance match for your project in just 24 hours.

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CSS collector’s cabinet

Lynn Fisher’s beautiful CSS creation.

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Always bet on HTML – being misunderstood

Christian Heilmann takes a look at the reasons why people might be less enthused about HTML.

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Goodbye Squarespace. Hello Eleventy, Tailwind CSS and Netlify!

Sahil Parikh shares his experience with transitioning his blog to a static site generator.

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Bubbles Lamp

A beautiful demo by ilithya.

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Arched 3D panel

Watch a modern take on an older component Ana Tudor coded some year ago.

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WordPress Static Site: Benefits, Limits & Tools

A complete guide to getting started with WordPress static site generators.

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Accessible and Keyboard-Friendly Hamburger Menu + Slide Out Navigation

A live demo and tips on building an accessible hamburger menu that’s keyboard-friendly and toggles a slide-out navigation panel.

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Exploring Animations for Menu Hover Effects

A couple of ideas for creative menu hover animations with images.

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