Collective #604

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Inspirational Website of the Week: Edoardo Smerilli

We are total suckers for these wonderful interactions and distortions! Our pick this week.

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The Open Web is Dying

Some very important thoughts by Tony Perez: “The open web is changing dramatically, and not for anything that resembles openness, and the world seems to be ok with it.”

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Immersive Section Transition Effect in CSS and JavaScript

Claudia Romano shows how to create an immersive transition effect between sections on a webpage.

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Are you using SVG favicons yet? A guide for modern browsers.

Antoine Boulanger explains why and how to use SVG favicons.

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What is a resilient website?

An episode of “A Question of Code” with Jeremy Keith where he talks about the concept of “resilient” websites.

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A simple geometrical trail to attach to your Three.js object. By Arnaud Svart.

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The Hero Generator

A very helpful hero section generator made by Sarah Drasner.

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Rust and Node.js: A match made in heaven

Anshul Goyal explains how you can use Rust to build a native add-on for Node.js.

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Your dark mode toggle is broken

Kilian Valkhof on how most sites do not implement dark mode toggles correctly.

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The 4 Key Steps to Art Direction

Marcus Brown shares his approach to art direction, making iconic striking visual experiences, and the importance of typography and color, at Awwwards Conference Amsterdam.

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What I wish I knew about React

Ire Aderinokun shares some facts about React she wishes she knew before.

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Faking 3D Elements with CSS

Bradley Taunt shows how to make an element look like a 3D object with some CSS trickery.

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The CSS “content” property accepts alternative text

Stefan Judis shows how the CSS ‘content’ property allows a way to provide an alternative text.

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Box Line Text

Box Line Text is a minimalistic virtual whiteboarding tool without visible UI for a clean screencasting experience.

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Balancing Moods

Great demo by Chris Gannon.

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Favorite JavaScript single line of code

Favorite JavaScript utilities in just a single line of code.

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Responsive CSS Grid – Books

Andy Barefoot made this cool book grid demo.

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A collaborative API design tool for designing and managing OpenAPI specs.

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Real-World Effectiveness of Brotli

Harry Roberts ananlysis of how effective Brotli, which can be used over Gzip, really is.

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Password Reveal

A fun password reveal effect by Mikael Ainalem.

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Who can get my blood?

A visualizer demo for blood group compatibility.

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A supercool web experience of an anonymous marketing company.

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Morphing Gooey Text Hover Effect

Three gooey morphing hover effects using SVG filters for menu links based on a demo by Graham Pyne.

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