Collective #497

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Semantics to Screen Readers

Learn what happens when screen readers access a web page in this article by Melanie Richards.

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React Design Patterns and Best Practices

A book that will teach you how to build modular applications that are easy to scale using the most powerful components and design patterns that React can offer you right now.

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Install npm dependencies that run directly in the browser. No Browserify, Webpack or import maps required.

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W3C and FIDO Alliance Finalize Web Standard for Secure, Passwordless Logins

The W3C and the FIDO Alliance announced the Web Authentication (WebAuthn) specification is now an official web standard.

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Displacement Scroll

A fantastic scroll demo by Matthew Willox.

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Absurd Illustrations

Free, surrealist illustrations with endless interpretation potential.

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How Are Function Components Different from Classes?

Learn how React function components differ from React classes in this article by Dan Abramov.

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Mask Compositing: The Crash Course

Ana Tudor explains how mask-composite works and why it’s useful.

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SpriteStack is a 3D pixelart editor based on the sprite stacking technique.

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How the Design of My New Blog Came to Live

Veerle Pieters shares her design process and the struggles along the way.

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WebGL Wonderland #7

An interesting loader-like demo made with the Phenomenon library. By Colin van Eenige.

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The Dark Side of the Grid (Part 1)

The first article in a series on CSS Grid layout and accessibility. By Manuel Matuzovic.

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JavaScript SEO: Welcome to a new series!

A new series about best practices and SEO for JavaScript. Hosted by Martin Splitt.

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Frontend Bootcamp / Days in the Web

A two-day workshop where you’ll learn the basics of frontend development while building a working web app. Work in progress.

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When Is A Button Not A Button?

A great and fun article by Vadim Makeev on the delightful journey on using a button in HTML.

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Jumps: The New Steps() in Web Animation

Dan Wilson writes about the new options for the steps() function.

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Unobtrusive adverts for makers. You can market your product to more than 50 thousand developers, designers, and freelancers.

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Free Font: Produk

Matthew Spence created this font with a Sci-Fi look.

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Component frameworks and web standards

An interesting article by Hidde de Vries on vanilla code and front-end frameworks.

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This looks like the beginning of a new era for photo editing. Check out the tweet by Reza Zadeh.

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Collective #497 was written by Pedro Botelho and published on Codrops.

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