Collective #478

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Inspirational Website of the Week: Rezo Zero

A sophisticated design with great typography and smooth effects. Our pick this week.

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Tommy Hodgins covers some of the most requested CSS styling features in a month-long series in this Twitter thread.

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Styling a Select Like It’s 2019

Scott Jehl shows how a reasonable set of styles can create a consistent select across new browsers, while also looking fine in older ones.

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Reversing an Easing Curve

Michelle Barker walks through the math of reversing any easing function.

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I Used The Web For A Day Using A Screen Reader

Chris Ashton experiences first-hand difficulties that visually impaired users face and describes what we can do as web developers to help.

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Handling broken images with the service worker

Ire Aderinokun shows how to implement a service worker for handling broken images.

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Web components still need to be accessible

Eric Bailey reminds us that using modern development techniques are not a guarantee for accessibility.

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A mesmerizing Christmas Experiment by Nicolas Riciotti.

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JavaScript Getter-Setter Pyramid

André Staltz provides a tour through the different layers of JavaScript abstractions.

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Magic Sketchpad

Every time you start drawing a doodle, a machine learning algorithm tries to finish it and match the category you’ve selected. Made by Monica Dinculescu.

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Flame in the wind

Blake Bowen coded this captivating flame demo.

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Spotify Wrapped 2018 – Technical Case Study

A look under the hood at the technology and techniques used to power Spotify Wrapped 2018.

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Super stylish illustrations for your next project. PNGs are free for a link.

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Animated Multiline Link Underlines with CSS

Danny Guo shares how to create an animated underline style for a breaking link.

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I’m Awake! Stay Awake with the WakeLock API

Learn all about the Wake Lock API in this post by Pete LePage.

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Writing A Multiplayer Text Adventure Engine In Node.js

A tutorial by Fernando Doglio on how to build a multiplayer text adventure engine.

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Taming Data with JavaScript

An article by Brian Greig where he shares some insight on how to properly deal with data processing in the browser.

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Why you should use D3

Mike Bostock lays down two reasons why you might want to use a library like D3 (or Vega).

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XmasTree Game

A fun game where you decorate a Christmas tree.

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How to do this in Flutter?

A cheat sheet for React Native developers for finding Flutter alternatives to familiar concepts.

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Checking if an input is empty with CSS

An article by Zell Liew where he explores how to check if an input is empty using CSS.

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Spotify Wrapped Animation using GSAP

A recreation of the effect seen on the Spotify “Your 2018 Wrapped” page. By Peter Barr.

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From Our Blog
Inspirational Websites from 2018

An inspirational collection of our favorite website designs from 2018.

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Collective #478 was written by Pedro Botelho and published on Codrops.

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