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Inspirational Website of the Week: Mathieu Lévesque

A portfolio with nice typographic effects and interesting details. Our pick this week.

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C468_dev (beta)

A new site by the Chrome Developers team that aims to help developers learn and apply the web’s modern capabilities to their own sites and apps.

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Web High Level Shading Language

WebKit introduces a new graphics shading language for the Web inspired by HLSL. Follow the interesting discussion on HN about this.

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This great web app by Google lets you optimize images and reduce their size dramatically by editing the advanced options of various image compressors.

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A Brief History of Flickering Spinners

An interesting article by Mikael Ainalem on the troublesome case of too quickly ending loading animations.

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Inlining or Caching? Both Please!

Scott Jehl explores caching inlined files and shows a proof of concept.

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Make any webpage feel like an artboard with this browser extension by Google. Watch the video.

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Turtletoy allows you to create generative art using a minimalistic JavaScript Turtle graphics API. By Reinder Nijhoff

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Why using ‘tabindex’ values greater than “0” is bad

Karl Groves lists the reasons why defining a number for tabindex should be avoided.

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Developer page concept (digital design)

Dulov Evgeniy’s delightful developer page concept.

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State of Houdini — Director’s Cut (aka. Honest Edition)

The uncensored version of a great Chrome Dev Summit 2018 talk by Surma.

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Why Facebook’s api starts with a for loop

A very interesting article by Antony Garand on the JSON hijacking vulnerability.

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Free Font: Wanderlust

A unique looking slab serif font designed by Jan Henkel.

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Head: Free header starter kit (Sketch)

A nice set of hero starter templates by Stefano Peschiera.

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#codevember 7/2018

A lovely jellyfish demo by Noel Delgado.

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The Writable Files API: Simplifying local file access

Pete LePage explains what the idea of the Writable Files API is and what you could do with it.

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Emojious Free Icons

More than a hundred free icons from the adorable Emojious icon set.

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Icons 8 Beta

An update of the useful icon web app with thousands of free icons.

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What is First Input Delay?

Ire Aderinokun’s summary on the First Input Delay (FID) metric.

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The App

Private internet by Cloudflare now as a mobile app.

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My journey had lasted seven hours

Gerard Ferrandez created this demo of randomly and recursively generated trees.

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From Our Blog
Page Flip Layout

A template with a two-sided, magazine-like layout and a flat page flip animation. The layout is powered by CSS Grid.

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Collective #468 was written by Pedro Botelho and published on Codrops.

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