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Inspirational Website of the Week: Nagoya Estate

Super creative card animations make this design unique. Our pick this week.

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HelloSign API: Everything IT Requires and Developers Love

HelloSign API’s robust SDK, amazing support, detailed documentation, and super clean dashboard is sure to make your entire team happy.

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The Complete Guide to Lazy Loading Images

Rahul Nanwani’s deep dive into lazy loading images on websites.

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Intro to Generative Art

A great practical introduction to generative art by Ali Spittel and James Reichard.

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Logo Lab

A testing tool for logos with some tips for improving the design.

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How to Build a Low-tech Website?

Read about the making of a low-tech, self-hosted, and solar-powered version of Low-tech Magazine.

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75+ Free Baseline Icons

Luboš Volkov created this fine set of icons.

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JPL’s Open Source Build-It-Yourself Rover

A great web experience and a great project by NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

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The State of Fieldset Interoperability

Read about Bocoup’s work and proposal to resolve the interoperability problems of fieldset.

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Visualizing money: how we explained a complex financial product using animation

Read the story of how the captivating animations and illustrations were done for bZx’s website. By Turischev Sasha.

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How to Test React Components using Jest and Enzyme

Linh Nguyen My’s guide on testing React components using Jest and Enzyme.

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Do You Really Know CORS?

In this article, Grzegorz Mirek explains what problem CORS really solves.

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Lissajous Table – Pannable

Jacob Foster created this fascinating demo.

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Free Startup Templates

Some great free landing page designs made by Pasquale Vitiello and Davide Pacilio.

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Candela Loader

Adam Kuhn coded this fantastic lava-like loader demo based on a design by Vitaly Silken.

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Accurately measuring layout on the web

Nolan Lawson shows some techniques for accurately measuring website rendering.

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Trun your git commits into tweets automatically with this tool.

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A component built to display and manage calendar gantt charts with virtual rendering. By Guillermo Quiros.

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If modern internet companies existed in 1970s – early 1990s

Fantastic retro style animated intros for today’s modern internet companies.

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New Tools for CSS Layout

Rachel Andrew’s presentation at a W3C Workshop in Tokyo, Japan.

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