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Inspirational Website of the Week: Denys Loveiko

Denys Loveiko’s portfolio combines innovative effects and a beautiful design. Our pick this week.

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Idle Until Urgent

Philip Walton explains how he decreased his site’s first input delay with a strategy he calls “idle until urgent”.

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Flexbox: How Big Is That Flexible Box?

Rachel Andrew explores the often confusing issue of sizing in Flexbox and explains how Flexbox decides how big things should be.

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Vapid is an intentionally simple content management system built on the idea that you can create a custom dashboard without ever leaving the HTML. Read more about it in this article.

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The Sketch Update We’ve All Been Waiting For

Learn about the Sketch update that offers a new way to apply overrides to symbols. An article by Jon Moore.

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Creating meaningful micro-interactions

Denislav Jeliazkov’s tips for getting those delightful little moments right.

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Transform Tumbler

David Khourshid and Stephen Shaw tackle a tricky tumbling transform-origin animation using only CSS.

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Adds native Web Worker bundling support to Webpack with this plugin.

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The 12 Things You Need to Consider When Evaluating Any New JavaScript Library

Sasha Greif explains how to know if a new technology is worth investing time into.

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Refresh CSS Bookmarklet v2

Lea Verou makes Paul Irish’s bookmarklet that refreshes CSS work with iframes.

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Yeti Hand Pagination

An adorable pagination animation by Darin Senneff.

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Array state will be cached in iOS 12 Safari

A Stackoverflow thread that points out a serious bug in iOS 12 Safari. Read more about it in this Reddit, too.

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Designing with real data

Read how Dropbox uses Framer X and real data to design. An article by Zach Johnston.

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JavaScript Equality Table Game

A game that demonstrates how the == rules are easy to get wrong.

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Sublime Merge

A new Git client with a three-way merge tool from the makers of Sublime Text.

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Times Newer Roman

A font that kinda looks like Times New Roman, except that each character is 5-10% wider. In case you need to fill more pages 😂

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Firefox Reality

Firefox Reality is a new browser for Virtual Reality.

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The Wow’en Wilson Quiz

A fun Owen Wilson quiz made by Tim Holman and Tobias van Schneider.

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Dynamic filters

Jesper Lauridsen is playing with SVG filters using canvas.

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How to organize your git branches

Darío Kondratiuk shows some ways of organizing git branches for a better workflow.

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The Best Contemporary Free Fonts

Alex Slobzheninov put together a visual guide with download links of the best modern free fonts.

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RealtimeBoard is a simple whiteboarding platform for cross-functional team collaboration.

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How I Built My Design Portfolio from Scratch

Jingyi Lai’s experience of building her own portfolio site from scratch as a product designer.

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Collective #452 was written by Pedro Botelho and published on Codrops.

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