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Reinvest Your Time with HelloSign API

G2 Crowd says HelloSign’s API is 2x faster to implement than any other eSign provider. What are you going to do with all the time you save? Try it free today!

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A Native Lazy Load for the Web Platform

Learn about the new Chrome feature “Blink LazyLoad” in this article by Ben Schwarz.

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Designing For Micro-Moments

An in-depth article with examples on how to optimally design for micro-moments. By Suzanne Scacca.

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Puppeteer’ing in Firebase & Google Cloud Functions

Eric Bidelman shows how it is possible to run Puppeteer and headless Chrome in Google Cloud.

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Getting Started with React – An Overview and Walkthrough

Tania Rascia gives an easy to understand overview of React.

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A new concurrent key-value store designed for point lookups and heavy updates by Microsoft.

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Time-saving CSS techniques to create responsive images

Some quick solutions for responsive images by Adrien Zaganelli.

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Matrix Theme JavaScript Webcam Face Filter

A tutorial by Xavier Bourry on how to create a great Matrix webcam filter.

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Nano ID

A tiny, secure, URL-friendly, unique string ID generator for JavaScript.

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Web Payments, Payment Request API and Google Pay

Eiji Kitamura explains the differences between Web Payments, Payment Request API, and Google Pay.

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Experimenting With CSS Variable / Custom Property DOM Inheritance

Ben Nadel experiments with CSS Custom Properties and shows how scoping and inheritance work.

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Puppeteer Recorder

Puppeteer recorder is a Chrome extension that records your browser interactions and generates a Puppeteer script.

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Perlin Noise

Victor Vergara created this fantastic configurable Perlin Noise demo.

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Building Battleship in CSS

Daniel Schulz shares an interesting experiment of creating the Battleship game in CSS.

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Capitalist: Food & Drinks Icon Set

A free gastronomic icon set in various formats by Pixelbuddha.

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CSS Box Dog

An adorable animated dog illustration in CSS based on Tony Babel’s Dribbble shot.

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A free app for managing finances.

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Open Source Universal User Registration System

An open source project for building a React Apollo registration system.

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Checkbox vs Toggle Switch

Saadia Minhas shows some practical use cases of form design.

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Git Tutor

With Git Tutor you can generate step-by-step markdown tutorials from your git history. By Andrei Volchenko.

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