Collective #441

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On Switching from HEX & RGB to HSL

Learn all about the powerful color format HSL in this article by Sara Soueidan.

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Switch Font Color for Different Backgrounds with CSS

Fucando Corradini’s pure CSS solution to the problem of changing the text color according to the background.

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GRID: A simple visual cheatsheet for CSS Grid Layout

A great visual reference to all CSS Grid properties. By Chris Malven.

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Motion & Playfulness

Benjamin De Cock shares real-world examples and best practices on how to deliver efficient and enjoyable user experiences.

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Reuleaux Polygons

A great exploration of Reuleaux polygons: learn how to construct them, morph them and rotate them within a square. By Varun Vachhar.

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A very small functional HTML/CSS/JS editor made by Tom Ross.

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Create a 13 JavaScript game in 30 days with js13kGames

Read about this year’s js13Kgames challenge and how to participate.

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Fake 3D effect with depth map

Robin Delaporte’s replication of a “fake” 3D effect using a depth map as seen on Epicurrence.

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Introducing Electron Fiddle

Felix Rieseberg introduces Electron Fiddle that lets you create and play with small Electron experiments.

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CSS Snake & Ladders

A multiplayer game developed only in HTML/CSS. By Alvaro Montoro.

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Vue CLI 3.0 is here!

Learn all about the third version of Vue CLI with all its new features.

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Google AMP – A 70% drop in our conversion rate.

Nathan Kontny shares the results of rebuilding pages in Google AMP.

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How I gained commit access to Homebrew in 30 minutes

A very interesting article by Eric Holmes on how he could gain access to Homebrew’s GitHub repositories.

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A flexible, smooth, GPU accelerated sliding menu for your next PWA.

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100 days of Motion Design

Read how Tiantian Xu created 50 beautiful animations in 100 days.

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What is Typesetting?

An excerpt from Chapter 1 of Tim Brown’s “Flexible Typesetting” book.

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Let’s serve everyone good-looking content

Hidde de Vries shares his thoughts on using CSS Grid fallbacks.

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Neede Design Resources

A collection of useful online resources for designers.

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Creating the “Perfect” CSS System

Lindsay Grizzard’s high level guide for designers and developers on how to create and maintain a CSS system.

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Data Fetching in Redux Apps – A 100% Correct Approach

Ohans Emmanuel shows how to do data fetching in Redux apps the right way.

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Collective #441 was written by Pedro Botelho and published on Codrops.

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