Collective #438

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Inspirational Website of the Week: Volt By Drive

A great game-like design with some nice animations. Our pick this week.

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Little Big City

A fantastic project by Yi Shen: generating a real city on a little planet with the help of ClayGL.

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Pyxel is a retro game development environment in Python.

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Introducing Fusion.js: A Plugin-based Universal Web Framework

Leo Horie from Uber Engineering introduces Fusion.js, an open source web framework for building lightweight, high-performing apps.

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The Cost Of JavaScript In 2018

Addy Osmani covers some strategies you can use to deliver JavaScript efficiently while still giving users a valuable experience.

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A fantastic collection of free, reusable drawings and doodles in a vector (SVG) format.

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CSS exclusions with Queen Bey

Chen Hui Jing writes about CSS Exclusions and new CSS features in general,? and why we should keep them out regardless of current browsers’ support.

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Taskbook enables you to effectively manage your tasks and notes across multiple boards from within your terminal.

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The Clipboard API Crashcourse

A practical guide to the Clipboard API by David East.

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The Bullshit Web

A very interesting article by Nick Heer on the course the web took concerning unnecessary page load for questionable purposes.

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Dynamic resources using the Network Information API and service workers

Learn about the new Network Information API that allows developers to determine the connection types and the underlying connection technology that the user agent is using. By Dean Hume.

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With this tool you can generate shareable and elegant images from your source code.

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A lightweight JavaScript (ES6) tweening library by Alexander Buzin.

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UI Sources

Get real product insights from the best designed and top grossing apps on the App Store with this email newsletter.

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Performance Techniques in 2017

A slide deck with lots of info on getting native performance with new Web APIs.

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The trick to viewport units on mobile

Louis Hoebregts shows an interesting trick to get viewport units behave on mobile.

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ReportingObserver: know your code health

Eric Bidelman writes about the ReportingObserver, a new API that lets you know when your site uses a deprecated API or runs into a browser intervention.

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Improve your motion

An article by Erick Leopoldo with practical tips on how to make animations better.

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Free Font: Bivona

A playful, energetic font by Dathan Boardman from Rocket Type.

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Space Loader

A great space themed loader by Chris Gannon.

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Collective #438 was written by Pedro Botelho and published on Codrops.

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