Collective #407

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Scroll to the future

Anna Selezniova and Andy Barnov take us on a tour of the latest CSS and JavaScript features that make navigating around a single page smooth, beautiful and less resource-hungry.

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Front-End Developer Handbook 2018

A guide written by Cody Lindley on the practice of front-end development, how to learn it and what tools are used.

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A useful JavaScript library for length units conversions.

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An interactive experiment made by Cameron Adams.

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Free Font: Jelani

A beautiful, creative font inspired by African folklore.

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A Vue-powered static site generator with a markdown-centered project structure.

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Mustard UI

Mustard UI is a nice looking starter CSS framework made by Kyle Logue.

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Designing very large (JavaScript) applications

Malte Ubl’s transcript of his JSConf Australia talk on what he learned building large JavaScript applications.

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Front-End Design Checklist

An exhaustive list of optimal goals for a very complete front-end design project. By David Dias.

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Remote Browser

A library for controlling web browsers like Chrome and Firefox programmatically using JavaScript. Built on top of the Web Extensions API standard.

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Best Practices With CSS Grid Layout

Rachel Andrew tries to answer the commonly asked question about CSS Grid best practices.

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Another Collection of Interesting Facts About CSS Grid

Once again Manuel Matuzovic shares his findings about interesting bits of CSS Grid.

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Dot Tentacles

Magical dot tentacles with CSS variables made by Ana Tudor.

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Swipe Views with CSS Snap Points: Building a More Efficient Mobile Web Navigation

An interesting read on the usefulness of CSS Scroll Snap Points.

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Learn D3.js for free

A step-by-step guide with 10 interactive tutorials to teach you D3.js. Read more about it in this article.

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Buttons shouldn’t have a hand cursor (part 2)

Adam Silver continues his analysis of the pointer cursor conventions.

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It’s time to rebuild the web

In case you missed it: an article by Mike Loukides on how the web needs to be rebuild to become open again.

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Free Font: Medel

Ozan Karakoc designed this font with a unique touch.

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Getting rid of “grid-” prefix on CSS Grid Layout gutter properties

In case you missed it: an article about the unprefixing of grid layout gutter properties in Blink and WebKit. By Manuel Rego Casasnovas.

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WebGL Distortion Hover Effects

A little library that can be used for creating WebGL powered distortion hover effects using displacement images.

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Collective #407 was written by Pedro Botelho and published on Codrops.

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