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Inspirational Website of the Week: The Mads

Smooth animations with playful interactions made us pick “The Mads” this week.

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Mobile Authentication Simplified

With 5 minutes and a few bits of config, you can build an app connected to OpenID, Active Directory, OAuth2 or SAML.

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A well designed dashboard template with a responsive and high quality UI.

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JavaScript in 14 minutes

A fantastic little guide that will get you started with the most important JavaScript concepts in an interactive way.

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A great tool to create story visualizations in a quick and easy way.

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Solar System Explorer in CSS

A fantastic demo by Jamie Coulter where you can explore the planets and moons of our solar system in pure CSS.

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Spatial Hash Canvas Particles

An experiment by Jack Rugile where he explores a basic spatial hash to reduce the amount of collision calculations.

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Plot Parade

A d3.js powered artsy chart generator by Krisztina Szűcs.

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Ready to use, trendy background gradients in the shape of eggs and with witty names 🙂

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Unit Testing in JavaScript

A tutorial by Tania Rascia where you’ll learn how to perform unit tests on JavaScript with Mocha by developing a calculator app in Node.js.

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A tool for tracing when your app drops below 60fps. By Ben Birch.

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Variable Fonts

A great tool for discovering and trying variable fonts.

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How display: contents; Works

An article by Ire Aderinokun where she explains the interesting “contents” value of the display property in CSS.

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Working with the new CSS Typed Object Model

Eric Bidelman explains the new API for CSS that allows to work with values in JavaScript.

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Get inspiration for the latest mobile design patterns from this curated gallery.

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How to create the snake highlight animation with anime-js

Mikael Ainalem’s tutorial on how to create an SVG highlight line animation.

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Hotspot 3D

A great way to compare smartphones. Made with WebGL.

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Google publishes a JavaScript style guide. Here are some key lessons.

Daniel Simmons summarizes the most interesting and relevant rules from Google’s JavaScript Style Guide.

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Video Music

An arpeggiator that is controlled by the average hue from your camera. By Jake Albaugh.

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Introduction to Viewport Units

Jen Simmons shows you how CSS viewport units can be used in creative ways.

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Learn Bootstrap 4 for free

A great course with 10 interactive screencasts that will teach you Bootstrap 4. Read more about it in this article.

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ES modules: A cartoon deep-dive

Lin Clark takes a look at what problem ES modules solve and how they are different from modules in other module systems.

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Creating Accessible HTML: A Crash Course in ARIA Landmark Regions

Genevieve Nelson explains some useful details of ARIA Landmark Regions.

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Collective #402 was written by Pedro Botelho and published on Codrops.

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