Collective #388

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Making SVG icon libraries for React apps

An article by Nicolas Gallagher that describes how to make a package of React components from a library of SVG icons.

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Modern CSS Explained For Dinosaurs

Peter Jang explains modern CSS in a nutshell and shows why it is considered both one of the easiest and one of the hardest languages to learn as a web developer.

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CSS “Coding” animation

A loading animation that looks like schematic “coding”. By Chris Dermody.

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CSS Grid layout – crossed sections

An introduction to CSS Grid and its potential with a practical example. By Rafaela Ferro.

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Writing an easing function; a slightly interesting story

David Gilbertson shares his experience on creating a tiny library for smoothly moving elements.

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Free Font: Highlander

A beautiful marker script font by Kavoon.

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SVG Backgrounds

Some nice customizable SVG patterns and background designs for your websites

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A new weekly YouTube show about design and development. By Rob Hope.

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A real-time, cross-platform drawing app for collaborating with others.

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Maybe don’t globally-install that Node.js package

Jake Wilson encourages everybody to consider the downsides of globally installing random Node.js packages and takes a look at some alternatives.

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Keep webpack Fast: A Field Guide for Better Build Performance

In case you missed it: Rowan Oulton’s guide for keeping webpack fast.

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Converting Shaders from Shadertoy to ThreeJS

Dirk Krause shows how to transfer Shaders from Shadertoy to ThreeJS.

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ESNext Proposal: The Pipeline Operator

A proposal for adding the simple-but-useful pipeline operator to JavaScript

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Free Font: Silent Scream

Andreas Leonidou designed this great display font.

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Only CSS: Infinite Steps

Yusuke Nakaya created this mesmerizing demo of an infinite staircase.

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Using Conic Gradients and CSS Variables to Create a Doughnut Chart Output for a Range Input

A great technique for creating doughnut shaped charts. By Ana Tudor.

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Web Programming with Python and JavaScript

Learn about the design and implementation of web apps with Python, JavaScript, and SQL using frameworks like Flask, Django, and Bootstrap.

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Basin takes the hassle out of creating form backends.

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Build a Download Button Full of Micro Interactions

A tutorial by Luis Manuel where you will learn how to pull off some interesting micro interactions on a button.

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This alter world

Gerard Ferrandez created this magical demo.

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Awesome Code Review

An “Awesome” list of code review resources including articles, papers, tools, and so on.

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Here’s how Google Chrome’s new ad blocker works

Learn about how Google Chrome will block every ad on websites that are not compliant with the Better Ads Standards by default. By Daniel Aleksandersen.

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An Intuitive Explanation of using Poisson Blending for Seamless Copy-and-Paste of Images

Learn about the image processing technique called “Poisson Blending” in this article. By Eric Arnebäck.

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Family fun with deepfakes. Or how I got my wife onto the Tonight Show

Sven Charleer explains how the deepfakes app algorithm works in a nutshell.

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Outdoors Template

An implementation of Gil Huybrecht’s “Outdoors” design project powered by layered CSS grids.

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Collective #388 was written by Pedro Botelho and published on Codrops.

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