Collective #386

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Now You See Me: How To Defer, Lazy-Load And Act With IntersectionObserver

A great article by Denys Mishunov, where he explains how to work with IntersectionObserver.

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Tips to improve your generative artwork

Tyler Hobbs offers some valuable advice to help improve your generative artwork.

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Some awesome little games made by the team of Makemepulse.

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Free Font: Geizer

Inspired by horror fiction and heavy metal, Matt Cole Wilson created this awesome font.

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A database of online courses categorized after price, difficulty, certificate quality, and more.

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The UX of AI

An article about Google Clips and what it means in practice to take a human-centered approach to designing an AI-powered product.

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An open source, distraction-less writing tool with auto-complete, a synonyms dictionary, writing statistics, markup-based navigation and a speed-reader.

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iOS 11 UI Kit for iPhone X (Sketch)

Design+Code made this fantastic iOS 11 UI Kit for Sketch.

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Digital Design is Never Done

Ruediger Kinast writes about how the Microsoft design team made the Windows 10 mail and calendar apps more fluent.

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Building a real-time smile detection app with deeplearn.js and the web Shape Detection API

The first article in a series explaining how to perform face detection in the browser using deeplearn.js and the web Shape Detection API. By Jozef Maxted.

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A fabric-like 3D audio visualization made by Taylor Baldwin.

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The Hacker101 video lessons aim to teach many useful things about web security.

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Fusion E-commerce UI Kit (PSD, Sketch)

A lovely minimal e-commerce UI Kit by GateUi.

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With Greenlet you can move an async function into its own thread. By Jason Miller.

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The King vs. Pawn Game of UI Design

Erik Kennedy compares UI design to chess and shows how to use the analogy to improve your skills.

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Building Secure JavaScript Applications

Gergely Nemeth goes through the most frequently asked questions on how to make a JavaScript application more secure.

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Free Font: Nature

Zamara Reyes designed this interesting display font.

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Webpack Demos

A collection of simple and clear Webpack demos to get you started. By Ruan YiFeng.

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Moving efficiently in the CLI

An excellent diagram in a flashcard format for keyboard shortcuts in the command line.

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How JavaScript works: The building blocks of Web Workers + 5 cases when you should use them

The 7th article in a series that explores JavaScript and its building components. By Alexander Zlatkov.

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React Isometric Grids

Hung-Wei Wu made this React version of our Isometric Grids.

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Awesome Scalability, Availability, and Stability Back-end Design Patterns

A curated list of selected readings to illustrate scalability, availability, and stability design patterns in back-end development.

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Gradient Topography Animation

An organic SVG shape layer animation based on Diana Hlevnjak’s work “Gradient Topography”. Powered by anime.js.

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Collective #386 was written by Pedro Botelho and published on Codrops.

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