Collective #378

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A library for easily letting any website provide APIs. By Jiuli Gao.

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How should we resolve percentage margins and padding on grid and flex items?

The CSS Working Group is asking the community’s opinion on a longstanding issue in the CSS Grid Layout and Flexbox specification. Rachel Andrew has put together some examples that showcase the issue.

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A Tinder Progressive Web App Performance Case Study

Addy Osmani writes about Tinder Online’s journey of becoming a Progressive Web App.

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A Sliding Nightmare: Understanding the Range Input

Ana Tudor dives into browser inconsistencies of the range input slider.

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How I made a talking emoji using regular emojis and JavaScript

Maurizio Carboni shows how to make an emoji talk.

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Ether is a modular base for any design system.

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Free Font: Pikolo Block Alt

A stylish two-line display typeface designed by Ideabuk.

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How To Make Changes to the DOM

As part of the series “Understanding the DOM” by DigitalOcean, Tania Rascia’s explains how to create, modify, and remove DOM elements in this article.

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Productivity Tips And Tricks: The Community Shares Its Piece Of Advice

Rachel Andrew summarizes the most interesting productivity tips of the web community.

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A great Christmas Experiment made by David Ronai.

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Want to learn CSS Grid? Here’s my free full-length course. Merry Christmas!

Per Harald Borgen shares 13 interactive screencasts for learning CSS Grid.

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Colour management, part 2

Read about how color space conversion works in this article by the folks of Bjango.

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Designing Better Design Documentation

Slava Shestopalov shows some ways for making documentation clearer, better structured, and more appealing.

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Pointer Controlled Elastic Points

An elastic shape demo by Jack Rugile where you can click and drag to move the triangles.

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Behance: Year in Review 2017

It’s a special year for Behance: it marks Behance’s 10 year anniversary. Look back at a decade of creativity.

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A fun pixel glyph collection game where you create and trade tiny pixel art.

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Start your open-source career

An article by Vincent Voyer on getting started with open source and finding your first project.

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“We’ve centralized all of our data to a guy called Mark Zuckerberg” says Pirate Bay Founder

A very interesting interview with Pirate Bay founder Peter Sunde on the centralization of the internet.

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NectarJS: compiling JavaScript into Native Binaries for Every Platform

In case you missed it: Adrien Thierry shares the fascinating story of the exciting NectarJS project.

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CSS Glitch Effect

An experimental glitch effect powered by CSS animations and the clip-path property. Inspired by the technique seen on the speakers page of the 404 conference.

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Collective #378 was written by Pedro Botelho and published on Codrops.

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