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Inspirational Website of the Week: Badass

An actually fun to scroll site with an interesting skew effect. Our pick this week.

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A lightweight and responsive drag and drop library by Shopify. Great interactive presentation, too.

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Start Your Engines – Firefox Quantum Lands in Beta, Developer Edition

Great news from Firefox: double acceleration with the Quantum engine is now available in the developer edition.

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CSS Grid Gotchas And Stumbling Blocks

An article by Rachel Andrew where she answers a number of common questions regarding CSS Grid.

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Essential Image Optimization

Addy Osmani’s eBook on automating image compression.

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Introducing Expo AR: Three.js on ARKit

Nikhilesh Sigatapu shows how you can use the new Expo Augmented Reality API for iOS to create AR scenes using only JavaScript.

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WebVR is for everyone – This is how to design and develop an experience.

Get started with WebVR using Google Blocks in this tutorial by Natalia Wojtkowska.

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How They Design

Handpicked casestudies delivered biweekly to your inbox. Curated by Dawid Woźniak.

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Js13kGames Winners

Find out who the winners of this year’s Js13kGames JavaScript coding competition are.

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Growing a UX tool

Julius Huijnk builds and shares small prototypes and writes about them. This is part three of his series.

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Fuzzy Plus

Great demo of a hair like structure by DPDK.

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A Five Minutes Guide to Better Typography

A great visual guide for understanding what makes good typography. By Pierrick Calvez.

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What I Talk About When I Talk About Sorting: Untangling Array#sort

Claudia Hernández explains how JavaScript’s Array#sort works under the hood.

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Creating Your First WebVR App using React and A-Frame

Prayash Thapa’s tutorial on creating a WebVR application using A-Frame and React.

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Jam Icons

A set of 422 versatile icons in SVG and as web font.

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I’ve seen the future, it’s full of HTML

Some suggestions by Mikeal Rogers to distribute re-usable framework independent components with just npm.

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The rise and fall of Ext JS

Jay Garcia walks you through the history of Ext JS and expresses his observations and personal thoughts along the way.

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Serving One Billion JavaScript Library Downloads

Learn how the team at Algolia managed to deliver over a billion JavaScript libraries.

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Viro AR

Leveraging React Native and a proprietary rendering engine, Viro is a cross platform alternative to Apple’s SceneKit for AR/VR development.

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Blockchain curated

Blockchain Curated is a project by Zach Segal that collects the best blockchain-related content.

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Free time tracking for agencies and freelancers.

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Electrode Native: The Platform For Integrating React Native Into Your Apps

Alex Grigoryan introduces Electrode Native, a streamlined mobile app development platform based on React Native.

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