Collective #351

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Inspirational Website of the Week: Era Ceramics

A bold design that stands out with its typography and nice details. Our pick this week.

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How to be more productive when delivering websites to your clients

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Fizzy School

Great learning resource for anyone writing jQuery. By Dave DeSandro.

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An event for CSS position:sticky

Eric Bidelman shows how you can use an IntersectionObserver to fire a custom event when position:sticky elements become fixed or when they stop sticking.

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Find the right visualization for your project with this comprehensive and inspirational archive of data visualizations.

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Here’s a new way to learn coding tools and concepts right when you need them

Quincy Larson introduces the new freeCodeCamp Guide.

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Designing Websites for iPhone X

Timothy Horton’s guide on designing for the new iPhone with some practical examples.

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Writing CSS with Accessibility in Mind

Some great tips on how to improve the accessibility of your web sites and apps with CSS. By Manuel Matuzovic.

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Addressing common misconceptions about the Payment Request API

Eiji Kitamura calls out some common misconceptions about the Payment Request API.

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Learn D3.js in 5 days

Email lessons by Ben Clinkinbeard that will teach you D3.js.

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Happtizens Character Creator Set (AI, EPS, PNG)

A fantastic set of pre-made super-cute and geeky characters made by Haxon for PixelBuddha.

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User Authentication For Web And iOS Apps With AWS Cognito (Part 2)

Second part of the tutorial by David Tucker on how to work with AWS Cognito.

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Free Font: Lysis

A free display typeface with a unique character designed by Nathan Dawdy.

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Branded in Memory

A very insightful article on how we remember logos and the psychology behind it. By

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Web truths: CSS is not real programming

Chris Heilman explains the fact that working with CSS is not traditional programming.

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Hacker News Progressive Web Apps

Addy Osmani showcases the results of some implementations on HNPWA.

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Untitled Slider

Nathan Taylor made this fantastic slideshow with a rotating layout.

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Free Font: Archia Regular

A free font family from the atipo foundry. Get the regular style for free.

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The code for the November 2017 net magazine tutorial, “Stylized Wireframe Rendering in WebGL”. By Matt DesLauriers.

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A component for building conversational interfaces for React.

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Awesome demo of curling roots by Louis Hoebregts.

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ColorSpace Gradient Color CSS Generator

An easy to use tool for generating CSS gradients.

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With icongram you can easily use icons from popular icon sets on the fly.

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Creating a Static API from a Repository

Eduardo Bouças takes the concept of statically-generated sites and translates them to the context of APIs.

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How manipulates you

Roman Cheplyaka dissects some nasty anti-patterns on

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Organic SVG Shape Morph Ideas

A small set of ideas for organic shape effects. The demos show some ways to use animated SVG morphs interactively on a website, including a menu hover and a content reveal effect.

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Collective #351 was written by Pedro Botelho and published on Codrops.

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