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Inspirational Website of the Week: Rich Brown

A fantastic web experience with incredible smoothness and an innovative design.

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HelloSign API: The Industry’s Fastest eSignature API Integration

Squeaky clean documentation that gets you testing in seconds. Test the API for as long as you need to and sign up when you’re ready. 2X faster integration.

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Gain Motion Superpowers with requestAnimationFrame

Benjamin De Cock demystifies requestAnimationFrame for creating powerful animations.

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Sketch Libraries: How they work, and the crazy stuff you can do with them

Jon Moore introduces a new, powerful feature in Sketch: Sketch Libraries, which are Sketch documents that can be used globally.

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Building Skeleton Screens with CSS Custom Properties

Max Böck shows how to use CSS Custom Properties to create awesome skeleton screens.

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Yes, That Web Project Should Be a PWA

Aaron Gustafson writes about how misinformation has convinced many designers and developers that PWAs aren’t appropriate for their projects and shows how actually every site should be a PWA.

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Now UI Kit

A responsive Bootstrap 4 UI kit by Invision and Creative Tim.

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A bookmarks alternative with lots of great features that groups your tabs based on when you saved them.

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Concurrent JavaScript: It can work!

An article by Filip Pizlo from WebKit that considers what it would take to extend concurrency to the entire JavaScript heap.

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How I built my earthin24 twitter bot

Ryan Seddon writes about how he created a space related Twitter bot.

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Let’s talk about anti-design

Get to know what anti-design is all about in this article by Simon Obirek.

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Awesome Vue.js

A curated list of awesome resources related to Vue.js.

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Managing CSS & JS in an HTTP/2 World

Trevor Davis’ guide on how to deliver CSS and JS on a website with HTTP/2.

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What the f*ck Python?

A collection of tricky Python snippets and examples.

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Semiotic is a React based framework optimized to enable effective communication through data visualization.

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The average web page is 3MB. How much should we care?

In case you missed it: Tammy Everts’ updated analysis on the current state of page bloat.

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A unified SDK and API to positioning, geofencing and triggering that allows to build apps that react to the physical world.

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The Mathematics of Machine Learning

An article on the importance of Mathematics in Machine Learning by Wale Akinfaderin.

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Draggable Elements with RxJS

Read how to make DOM elements draggable with RxJS and Hammer in this article by Varun Vachhar.

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Fast Properties in V8

Learn how V8 handles JavaScript properties internally in this article by Camillo Bruni.

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Which Languages Should You Learn For Data Science?

An article by Peter Gleeson where he explains what to take into consideration when choosing a language for data science.

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Here’s a Super Quick Way to Try out CSS Grid

Jen Simmons teaches some very basic things about CSS Grid, and gets you started with a 5-minute taste.

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