Collective #340

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Inspirational Website of the Week: Rafael Derolez

A modern website experience with delightful details and smooth interactions. Our pick this week.

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Accessible drag and drop for lists with React.js with a solid API and natural movement of items.

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Font-size: An Unexpectedly Complex CSS Property

An interesting article on the trickiness of the font-size property by Manish Goregaokar.

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The Difference Between Explicit and Implicit Grids

Manuel Matuzovic explains the difference between explicit and implicit CSS grids.

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Free Font: Delirium

A charismatic calligraphy typeface by Bruno Fontenelle.

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Shadow DOM: fast and encapsulated styles

Learn why CSS encapsulation is so hard and what’s the fastest way to get it in this article by Monica Dinculescu.

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Roger Water

An endless flying exploration of a generative, infinite open world. A mind-blowing Chrome Experiment by Stefano Maccarelli.

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An open-source time-series database fully compatible with Postgres for fast ingest and complex queries.

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Performant Web Animations and Interactions: Achieving 60 FPS

Emily Hayman explains all important details involved in making web animations performant.

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Gtop is a system monitoring dashboard for terminal.

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A next-generation bookmarking tool that will organize your favorites automatically. Currently in private beta.

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Tracking Internal Marketing Campaigns With Google Analytics

Christian Ebernickel gives an advanced masterclass on campaign tracking in Google Analytics.

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Deeplearn.js is an open source hardware-accelerated JavaScript library for machine intelligence allowing you to train neural networks in a browser or run pre-trained models in inference mode.

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Real World Examples of Map, Filter and Reduce in JavaScript

A practical use case for map(), filter(), and reduce() By Tania Rascia.

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How to build your personal brand as a new developer

Some useful tips on building a personal brand as a developer. By Rick West.

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ES Modules in Node Today!

John-David Dalton announces the release of standard/esm, an opt-in, spec-compliant, ECMAScript (ES) module loader that enables a smooth transition between Node and ES module formats with near built-in performance.

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Page speed optimization

One of the many SEO tools by Varvy that gives you very useful insights on page speed.

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Effective Tensorflow

A repo that collects Tensorflow tutorials and best practices.

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CSS Utility Classes and “Separation of Concerns”

Adam Wathan shows how to follow a functional CSS approach.

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The Siren: One-page blog/magazine design concept (Sketch)

A clean and elegant Sketch website template designed by Kulikov Ilya.

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Learn regex the easy way

In case you missed it: Zeeshan Ahmed wrote this great guide to regular expressions.

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Free Font: Tormentor

A lovely handwritten font made by Besttypeco for Pixel Buddha subscribers.

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Morphing Page Transition

A simple morphing page transition effect where an SVG path gets morphed into another while the current page moves up.

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Collective #340 was written by Pedro Botelho and published on Codrops.

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