Brand Identity for Really. by Tata&Friends Studio

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Brand Identity for Really. by Tata&Friends Studio

Brand Identity for Really. by Tata&Friends Studio

Jun 04, 2018

Tata&Friends Studio shared a beautiful brand identity project on their Behance profile. It’s for Everis’ content agency. There are many things to talk about the design solution but for me, the most important is the simplicity. I love seeing projects that rely on simple typography with handpicked visual ornaments to focus on the basics. It’s all the contrast of types and wise usage of white space.

Really is the content agency of everis. As content creators their work range from illustrations, infographics – to video production, a wide range of different creative projects. Really craft contents and visual solutions for brands. Our approach was to define the naming and visual universe of the brand. 

Brand identity


The name Really. is a statement, represents a solution, a final product, something to be proud of. 


We use holographic stamping to create “the metaphor of everything” in order to represent the creative result.

Tata&Friends Studio is ta design muscle for positive brands. They believe in process, research, experiments, curiosity and positive thinking. It is a collaborative studio, a place to grow, to collaborate, to learn and to share knowledge.

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