Benefits of dedicated IP vs. shared IP

Large business and corporations don’t really have to decide if they should be obtaining a dedicated IP or shared IP. Most of the larger enterprises end up obtaining a dedicated server which of course comes with dedicated IP’s. However, start-ups, and small-businesses do have to make that choice sometime during their venture if they should remain shared or simply get a dedicated IP.

Advantages of a dedicated IP address:

  • You can access your server before pointing any domain to your server’s IP address in DNS
  • You can access your server in case of a DNS error or failure
  • You can point any and as many domains as you like to the IP address of your server, and unlimited subdomains of those domains as well. You will not have to “declare” these by using the “add-on domain” function of a control panel — everything can be done at the DNS level. The disposition of requests to those domains is entirely your choice as well; You can map them into the filespace of the server in any way you like (using mod_rewrite on Apache, for example).
  • It is beneficial for email sender’s reputation. Establish and be accountable for one’s own IP reputation. In simple sense, your emails won’t get grouped with other less diligent senders and therefore ensures better Inbox placement.
  • It is good for a business identity.
  • It is “sometimes” required for particular third-party applications/scripts.
  • Your site is high traffic and needs dedicated resources to maintain performance.

If any of the bullet points are important to you, then it is time to get your own dedicated IP.

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