ABACERIA Branding and Visual Identity

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ABACERIA Branding and Visual Identity
ABACERIA Branding and Visual Identity

abduzeedoMar 19, 2020

Brand Identity design for the artisanal food store and restaurant in Goiânia, Goiás. The founders of the reputed Las Nenas Bistro in Goiania, idealized bringing innovation in the production and presentation of artisan foods, creating Abaceria. With a different vision about the market and the segment, they were inspired by South American Gastronomy, bringing a blend of kitchens to Abaceria without sticking to an image of “thematic cuisine”. 

Brand Identity

Even though the name and processes refer to Argentine meat consumption (Parrilha), the brand also produces and sells handcrafted products such as seasonings, sauces, breads and cheeses. BR /BAUEN challenge was to unify this whole experience through one identity, making it cohesive with the idea of creating a unique, pleasant and different environment.

We materialized the brand positioning in its assets, with an identity characterized by handcrafted elements and applications. The almost aggressive looking logotype is based on the font family “Cortez” and carries most of the personality need to convey the place’s approach to food. A blackletter inspired monogram was also created for smaller signatures, joining “A” + “B” + “C” and applied with rustic and strong visual memories that the brand carries throughout all its applications in applications on wood, embroidery and overall store front and interior usage.

Branding and Visual Identity


Design Direction: Rodrigo Francisco
Brand Research & Strategy: Luís Feitoza
Design Development: Rodrigo Francisco, Felipe Carneiro, Luís Feitoza
Storefront & Food Photography: Emmanuel Gonçalves
Agency: Traço Negócios
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