A set of key visuals for Nike Shanghai

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A set of key visuals for Nike Shanghai
A set of key visuals for Nike Shanghai

AoiroStudioMay 06, 2020

I think this is going to break our visual pattern but this is totally worth it. This is the work from How Wei Zhong who art directed this massive campaign for Nike Shanghai in collaboration with the folks from ILoveDust. It’s quite refreshing since first of all it’s collaborative participation and obviously the end-result that is just purely vibrant and amazing. To share a little bit of background on this project (in their words). “Qiang Diao” is Chinese for confidence, swagger and game.

And in a city as image and style conscious as Shanghai, Qiang Diao is something many people want for themselves. Nike wanted Shanghai athletes to know that sports can offer you more than fitness. We created OOH celebrating Shanghainese athletes well-known for their strong personalities and, of course, having Qiang Diao.

About How Wei Zhong

How Wei Zhong is an art director at W+K Shanghai based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. You should definitely check his work, it’s filled with incredible works for brands. Give him some love.

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