8 New Courses for Developers & Designers

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Each week Treehouse updates the library with new courses and workshops so that our students can continue their learning and stay up to date on the newest technology and languages. November was an exciting month as we released new design courses, a new language, and the completion of a brand new track. Data Analysis Basics is last course to complete our brand new Beginning Data Analysis track. Introduction to GraphQL is a brand new query language that can help simplify your workflow and compose more robust APIs. Check out the complete list of new courses below and explore learning something new!

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1. Data Analysis Basics


Learn how to make better decisions with data in this course on data analysis with Ben Deitch. We’ll start by looking at what data analysis is, and then we’ll see how we can use data analysis to create better outcomes.

Check out the course here

2. Build a Selfie App

In this course with Pasan Permaratne we’re going to build an app that is quite popular these days – a selfie app! We’ll learn how to build and apply filters, how to use Core Data for more than just a single entity and how to use the device’s camera to create a fun app!

Check out the course here

3. Introduction to GraphQL


Simplify your backend with GraphQL, the new query language and runtime that is taking the world by storm. With GraphQL, it’s no longer necessary to resolve a bunch of different REST endpoints to get a complete chunk of data. We can use GraphQL to tell a server which data we want, and exactly what it should look like. Whether you’re a front-end developer looking to simplify your workflow, or a back-end developer looking for a way to compose more robust APIs, this course with Isaac Lee Morris is the perfect place to start.

Check out the course here

4. Digital Media Through Photoshop

Get started with creating your own digital media files. Setting up your documents properly before you start creating will be crucial for your end product. In this course with Shon Dempsey,  we’ll learn what those considerations are as well as how to choose the right options. We’ll introduce the most prolific creative application Photoshop to set up our files, make some adjustments and come out the other end with a banner ad suitable for use on the the desktop and mobile as well as print. This course is perfect for anyone looking to get started with design or photography.

Check out the course here

5. Prototyping with Figma

In this course with Nick Pettit, you’ll learn how to build interactive and sharable prototypes in Figma, a web-based visual prototyping tool. You’ll create a prototype for a “prosumer” mobile photography app, and by the end, you’ll have a better understanding of how to create interactive prototypes that can be shared with project stakeholders and team members.

Check out the course here

6. Active Record Associations in Rails

Most of your Rails models are going to be connected to other models in some way. An Author has many Articles, and each Article belongs to an Author. A Doctor has many Patients, and a Patient may have many Doctors as well. Rails uses associations to make it easy to track these relationships in your database. Learn about Active Record Associations in Rails in this course with Jay McGavren.

Check out the course here

7. What’s New in React 16


The new core architecture of React 16, codenamed “Fiber,” introduces lots of new, highly anticipated features and improvements to React. Get up to speed with new features in React 16 in this workshop with Guil Hernandez.

Check out the course here

8. Java Arrays

Arrays are container objects that can be used to store multiple values. In Java Arrays, we’ll talk all about what they are, how to create them, as well as why and when you should use them. Check out this course taught by Craig Dennis.

Check out the course here

Coming soon!
Build a Chatbot with Watson APIs

IBM has created an AI platform named Watson that gives businesses and developers access to powerful tools for text and speech analysis, computer vision, and more. Watson APIs consist of a suite of services used to process or analyze data to answer questions and make decisions. This course will show you how to build a chatbot with Node.js and Conversation services from Watson. You’ll also learn how to setup and deploy your bot on IBM’s Cloud platform.

Check out the upcoming course here

These are just a list of courses released this month. Our Treehouse Library currently has over 300 courses and workshops for you to check out!  Do you have a Treehouse favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

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