7 Places to Find Micro-Gigs for Designers

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As a freelancer, there are times when you need to fill the gap between clients, or up your income a bit by completing micro-gigs. Micro-gigs can be ideal freelance projects because they typically don’t take much time. It’s also relatively easy to impress the client, and you may even wind up developing a long-term relationship with them. At the very least, you’re sure to learn some new skills.

Micro-gigs also work well for parents who are trying to do a bit of design work on the side while staying home with kids. These short projects are very doable, and you can take on as many or as few as you’d like between other tasks.

Micro-gigs can also be a good way for a designer to dip his or her toes into freelance design work to see if the freelance world is something they want to take on.

There are many ways to find micro-gigs for design work. You can, of course, seek out your own clients and let them know what types of gigs you are available for. You also can use various websites to find micro-gigs. Here are seven to get you started:

1. Upwork

Upwork started out as Elance-oDesk and is a platform that connects businesses with freelance designers and professionals around the globe. There are about 12 million registered users and about 5 million registered clients. On average the site posts out 3 million jobs per year, but the pay, and the scope of those tasks, can vary widely.

One of the advantages of Upwork is that you can bid on gigs only when you want extra work. Adding a profile allows businesses to see at a glance just how well suited you are for work with them.

2. Gigbucks

This is another micro-gig site that offers jobs from $5 to $50 per gig. It’s set up similar to Fiverr in that the freelancer lists the services they are willing to provide and the cost of those services. Individuals can then hire the freelancer. If you are looking for a one-off gig, then this type of setup is not exactly conducive to that, but if you are looking for ongoing filler work, then this is the perfect platform for you.

Gigbucks works well to find new customers and clients who otherwise might not know what services you offer.

3. Fourerr

Fourerr is set up for buying and selling micro-jobs, but they also try to connect businesses with professionals so you can find a long-term position if you want. One thing that’s kind of unique about this particular micro-jobs site is that you earn rewards when you buy, sell or connect with others, turning the entire process into a fun game with badges and rewards.

Fourerr works both as a micro-gig finder and entertainment. If you’re looking for gigs with a hip vibe, then this is a great place to start.

4. Taskr.in

Taskr.in is another micro-gig site that works well for freelance designers. Some of the tasks you can complete on this site include banner design, image editing and web design. There are other business services as well, of course, but these are some of the specific design-related tasks available.

The site is the best of the various platforms in that freelancers can both create tasks to offer businesses to, or they can bid on existing jobs.

5. Zeerk

Zeerk is set up more like a classified ad site but also allows freelancers to offer tasks for a set amount. In addition, businesses can list what they are looking for, and freelancers can shoot off a custom quote for the gig. One of the keys with this type of site is to make sure your profile shows off what you’re capable of and then to gather some positive reviews by keeping your clients happy.

One of the benefits of Zeerk is that you can connect with businesses looking for specific skills and send them a quote based on a fair market price.

6. Damongo

Damongo offers numerous micro-jobs, including work for freelance designers. If you are in a financial pinch, or your design business is having serious cash flow issues, you might enjoy a site that offers all different types of tasks for pay, though, so that you aren’t limited in what you can do to earn money. On this site, you set the price for the job you’re willing to complete.

One way you can use Damongo effectively is to figure out what others are not yet offering and how you can offer that service to businesses. Where can you fill the gap?

7. Gigblasters

On Gigblasters, you can sell products and services for between $5 and $500, depending on where you want to set your price point. Like many of the other micro-gig sites, they have various categories including a graphics section that designers will find interesting. The gigs that pop up on that page include product label design, logo creation and business card design.


If you’re looking for fresh clientele, then getting your services listed on new sites is a smart choice. You can pick up work here and there on each site, but overall you’ll have a steady amount of micro-gigs coming in from your various sources.

These are eight of the micro-gig sites out there that work particularly well for designers. Of course, you’ll also want to keep an eye on Craigslist and job search websites for more short-term gigs.

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