40 Geeky Christmas Ornaments for Decorations (2023)

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Christmas is just around the corner, and what better way to get into the festive spirit than by giving your decorations a geeky twist? Gone are the days of only traditional snowmen, angels, and shiny balls. This year, it’s time to add a dash of geek charm to your Christmas tree. For those looking to blend their love of all things geek with the festive season, our list of 40 geeky Christmas ornaments is just what you need.

geeky christmas tree ornamentsgeeky christmas tree ornaments

Get ready to dive into a world of unique and exciting themes for your tree. From Star Wars and Star Trek to beloved comic book superheroes, enchanting virtual game characters, and even computer hardware and gadgets, we’ve got an ornament for every geeky preference.

So, let’s give the usual decorations a rest and bring your favorite fandoms to life on your Christmas tree. Whether you’re looking to impress your guests or just want to enjoy a touch of geekiness yourself, our guide to geeky Christmas ornaments will help you deck the halls in style this holiday season!

Harry Potter Snow GlobeHarry Potter Snow Globe

Harry Potter Snow Globe


Experience a magical Christmas with the Harry Potter Snow Globe, featuring Hedwig amidst a snow flurry. Its detailed base, showcasing suitcases, a birdcage, and Harry’s letter, makes it a unique collector’s item, presented in a stunning gift box.

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Yoda OrnamentYoda Ornament

Yoda Ornament


Immerse in ‘The Mandalorian’ magic with the Grogu (Baby Yoda) Keepsake Christmas Ornament, a charming depiction of the beloved character on a Stormtrooper helmet, ideal for Star Wars enthusiasts of all ages.

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Amidala OrnamentAmidala Ornament

Amidala Ornament


Relive Star Wars nostalgia with the 1999 Hallmark Queen Amidala Ornament. This Keepsake piece showcases Amidala in regal attire, adding a touch of galactic elegance to any Christmas tree.

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Darth Maul OrnamentDarth Maul Ornament

Darth Maul Ornament


Embrace the dark side of Star Wars with the 2000 Hallmark Darth Maul Ornament. This piece captures the menacing aura of Darth Maul, adding a thrilling twist to your Christmas tree decor.

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TIE Interceptor OrnamentTIE Interceptor Ornament

TIE Interceptor Ornament


Bring the Star Wars universe home with the 2012 Hallmark TIE Interceptor Ornament. This detailed starfighter replica is perfect for adding intergalactic flair to your holiday decorations.

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R2D2 WreathR2D2 Wreath

R2D2 Wreath


Celebrate with a Star Wars twist using the R2D2 Wreath, a unique blend of Disney and Mickey Mouse elements, perfect for adding a whimsical, intergalactic touch to your decor.

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R2D2 LightsR2D2 Lights

R2D2 Lights


Light up your holidays with the R2D2 Light Set, featuring 20 cool white LED lights on a 24-inch wire. This officially-licensed Star Wars decoration includes a 6-hour timer, perfect for festive ambience.

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Yoda Santa HatYoda Santa Hat

Yoda Santa Hat


Get festive with the Yoda Santa Hat, an officially-licensed Star Wars accessory. Made of 100% polyester, it’s a quirky addition for Star Wars fans and collectors alike.

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Captain America OrnamentCaptain America Ornament

Captain America Ornament


Decorate your tree with the action-packed Captain America Ornament from Hallmark. This dynamic resin piece captures Captain America in mid-action, a must-have for Marvel enthusiasts.

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Superman OrnamentSuperman Ornament

Superman Ornament


Celebrate the Man of Steel with the miniature Hallmark Superman Ornament, depicting Superman in his iconic flying pose. A perfect DC Comics fan gift, complete with a festive gift box.

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Dark Knight OrnamentDark Knight Ornament

Dark Knight Ornament


Adorn your tree with the Dark Knight Batman Ornament, inspired by ‘The Dark Knight Rises.’ This 2012 Hallmark piece is a must-have for fans of the iconic Batman series.

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Thanos OrnamentThanos Ornament

Thanos Ornament


A meticulously crafted Thanos Ornament, inspired by “Avengers: Endgame,” featuring Thanos with the Infinity Gauntlet, perfect for Marvel fans and collectors, comes in a gift-ready box, dated 2019.

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Green Lantern OrnamentGreen Lantern Ornament

Green Lantern Ornament


Add superhero flair with the Green Lantern Ornament, a 2011 Hallmark Keepsake, model QXI2133. A must-have for collectors and fans of the iconic superhero.

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Flash OrnamentFlash Ornament

Flash Ornament


Speed into the holidays with The Flash Ornament, the 2009 Hallmark Keepsake, QXI1015, titled ‘The Fastest Man Alive.’ Perfect for superhero enthusiasts and collectors.

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Thor OrnamentThor Ornament

Thor Ornament


Celebrate with the Thor Ornament, a 2012 Hallmark piece from ‘The Avengers’ series. Ideal for Marvel superhero fans and collectors, showcasing Thor in all his glory.

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Catwoman OrnamentCatwoman Ornament

Catwoman Ornament


Enhance your collection with the 2012 Hallmark Catwoman Ornament, model QXI3049. A must-have for fans of the iconic character, perfect for adding a touch of mystery.

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USS Enterprise OrnamentUSS Enterprise Ornament

USS Enterprise Ornament


Travel through space with the Star Trek USS Enterprise Ornament, a 1998 Hallmark Keepsake Magic Ornament. Ideal for Star Trek enthusiasts, featuring the iconic NCC-1701-E.

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Spock OrnamentSpock Ornament

Spock Ornament


Honor a legend with the Star Trek Spock Ornament, a 2011 Hallmark Series piece, part of the Star Trek Legends #2 collection. Perfect for Star Trek fans.

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Kirk OrnamentKirk Ornament

Kirk Ornament


Celebrate Captain Kirk with the 2010 Hallmark James Kirk Ornament, the first in the Star Trek Legends series. A treasured collectible for Star Trek aficionados.

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Processor OrnamentProcessor Ornament

Processor Ornament


Motherboard Processor Ornament: A shatterproof, clear acrylic ornament with a unique motherboard processor design, perfect for tech enthusiasts and ideal for families, offering a personal touch to holiday décor.

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Pacman OrnamentPacman Ornament

Pacman Ornament


Game on with the Pacman Arcade Machine Ornament, a miniature yet functional version of the iconic game. Complete with a 1.5-inch screen, sounds, joystick, and controls, it’s a nostalgic treat.

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Potter Christmas OrnamentPotter Christmas Ornament

Potter Christmas Ornament


Enter the world of wizardry with the Harry Potter Christmas Ornament featuring the Sorting Hat. A Hallmark resin piece, perfect for Harry Potter fans, ready-to-hang for holiday charm.

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Mjölnir OrnamentMjölnir Ornament

Mjolnir Ornament


Behold the Mjolnir Ornament, a detailed hand-painted resin piece of Thor’s hammer. Perfect for Christmas trees and Thor fans, it comes in a collector’s box.

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Xbox Bauble SetXbox Bauble Set

Xbox Bauble Set


Combine gaming and holiday spirit with the Official Xbox Christmas Tree Bauble Set. This collection includes four black glass baubles with colorful Xbox logos, complete with gold caps and green ribbons for a distinctive gaming-themed tree.

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Super Mario Tree TopperSuper Mario Tree Topper

Super Mario Tree Topper


Top your Christmas tree with the Super Mario Star, a 9-inch light-up topper inspired by the Mushroom Kingdom. Its bright illumination and stabilizing green base make it a must-have for Super Mario and gaming fans alike.

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Fortnite Llama DecorationFortnite Llama Decoration

Fortnite Llama Decoration


Celebrate Fortnite style with the Official Fortnite ‘Llama’ 3D Christmas Decoration by Numskull. This detailed, hand-painted plastic ornament brings the iconic Fortnite Llama Piñata to life, adding a playful touch to your festive decorations.

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Gizmo Candy Cane OrnamentGizmo Candy Cane Ornament

Gizmo Candy Cane Ornament


The Gremlins Gizmo Candy Cane Hanging Ornament adds a fun twist to holiday decor. Showcasing the adorable Gizmo from the Gremlins movie, this fine resin, hand-painted ornament is a nostalgic delight for your Christmas tree.

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Master Chief Helmet DecorationMaster Chief Helmet Decoration

Master Chief Helmet Decoration


Halo fans, decorate your tree with the Nemesis Now Halo Decoration Master Chief Helmet. This hand-painted, resin-cast ornament celebrates the legendary Master Chief, blending the spirit of the holidays with the thrill of interstellar combat.

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Destiny Stranger BaubleDestiny Stranger Bauble

Destiny Stranger Bauble


Introduce a gaming twist to your holiday decorations with the Bauble Heads Destiny ‘The Stranger’ Christmas Decoration. This durable tin metal ornament, part of Bungie’s festive range, is a unique nod to Destiny enthusiasts.

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Globe Hanging DecorationGlobe Hanging Decoration

Globe Hanging Decoration


A sparkling World Map Globe Decoration, perfect for travel enthusiasts, comes with a velvet ribbon, ideal for home decor or as a Christmas tree ornament.

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Stormtrooper OrnamentStormtrooper Ornament

Stormtrooper Ornament


Star Wars enthusiasts will find the Stormtrooper: Too Hot To Handle Ornament irresistible. Made from original molds, this melting Stormtrooper helmet adds a unique Sci-Fi flavor to your festive collection.

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Dengar BobbleheadDengar Bobblehead

Dengar Bobblehead


Star Wars collectors, don’t miss the GameStop exclusive Dengar Deluxe Vinyl Bobblehead. This 3.75-inch Pop! Star Wars Bounty Hunter Collection piece features Dengar with scene-setting backdrops, perfect for enhancing your collection.

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Circuit Wrapping PaperCircuit Wrapping Paper

Circuit Wrapping Paper


Wrap your gifts in style with the Geek Motherboard Circuit Pattern Wrapping Paper. This matte-finished, motherboard-patterned paper is ideal for tech enthusiasts, offering a unique and personalized wrapping option.

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Batman Fairy LightsBatman Fairy Lights

Batman Fairy Lights


Illuminate your room with the Batman LED Fairy Lights, a set of 20 LED lights perfect for themed parties or adding a superhero touch. Battery-operated and suitable for ages 14 and up, they’re a hit with Batman fans.

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Fortnite Fishstick OrnamentFortnite Fishstick Ornament

Fortnite Fishstick Ornament


Add a fun Fortnite twist to your holiday decor with the Fortnite ‘Fishstick’ Christmas Decoration. This durable tin metal ornament, ideal for Christmas and year-round display, is perfect for Fortnite lovers.

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Stormtrooper OrnamentStormtrooper Ornament

Stormtrooper Ornament


Create festive Star Wars snowflakes with the SVG cut file for Cricut. This digital template lets you craft unique snowflake designs featuring Star Wars themes, perfect for holiday decorations or themed parties.

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Spider Web OrnamentSpider Web Ornament

Spider Web Ornament


Add a touch of folklore with the Studded Spider on Web Ornament, a Matashi creation inspired by the Eastern European Christmas Spider legend. Made with 24K gold and crystals, it’s a unique holiday addition.

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Keepsake OrnamentKeepsake Ornament

Keepsake Ornament


Game enthusiasts will love the Hallmark Keepsake Christmas Ornament: Caped Mario from ‘Super Mario World.’ A fun, artist-crafted piece by Emma Leturgez-Smith, dated 2021.

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Ron Weasley OrnamentRon Weasley Ornament

Ron Weasley Ornament


Celebrate friendship with the Ron Weasley Ornament, a Hallmark Christmas piece. Made of polyresin and depicting Harry Potter’s loyal friend, it’s a perfect gift for Potterheads.

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