4 Operating Systems in 1 year (Review)

I took it upon myself to treat 2014 as a testing tool of trying out 4 different operating systems in 1 year. The idea was to try out each operating system for 3 months in everyday use without taking the SIM out and putting it back to my preferred phone (which was iPhone at the time). Therefore, do note that I “was” the biggest proponent of iOS. I was one of those users that jumped on iPhone early, having the 2G, 3G, 3GS, 4, 4S and last but not least 5. Therefore I was opposed to any other operating system.  My least favorite at the time was BlackBerry BB10 OS, I had hate for it without even trying the OS out.

Prior to testing my uneducated, unscientific tests, this is how I thought they would rank up:

1. iOS
2. Android
3. BlackBerry
4. Windows (I thought because it was new, it would have lots of flaws)

The handsets I picked up were as follows:

1. iPhone 5
2. Samsung Note 2
3. BlackBerry Z10
4. Nokia Lumia 1520

The applications that I used on everyday basis are: email, contacts, SMS, Calendar, taking photos, voice notes, notepad (small notes), minor editing and emailing of Excel and Word, and of course phone calls. The only entertainment I have used is audio streaming, some youtube watching, and that’s about it. Therefore, you can consider myself a business user. I’m by no means a gamer. Take that into consideration as you read my final results.

My final rankings with a brief explanation:

1. BlackBerry Z10 – BB10 as an operating system is by far the easiest, and fastest to get the job done if you are planning to do business only tools. I found the keyboard to be the best and easiest to use, and navigating between the tasks required no effort or waste of time. Yes I was a hater, absolutely didn’t want to open my eyes to see a BB. However BB10 operating system changed my way of thinking.

2. Nokia Lumia 1520 – Windows Phone 8.1 is superb. It actually surpassed all of my expectations. It might have scored high because of Excel and Word editing (on a 6″ screen). However, I was able to do all of my tasks without a worry.  The OS is missing a few minor things, but overall it did the job.

3. iPhone 5 – When I was testing the phone I was transitioning from iOS 6 to iOS7. iOS6 was solid operating system, with the addition of iOS7 and since I used it mostly on iOS7 it scored low on my personal chart. For some reason it took significant amount of time to do things versus the top 2. I’ve become a lover of the iOS to a hater by trying out other operating systems. How the heck did that happen? In all seriousness, iOS is a great choice if you are planning to do business and entertainment. It would score #1 on my list if that was the case. But as I mentioned, I don’t do any entertainment/gaming. As a business device, it just doesn’t do the job as BB10 and WP8.1 did. At least for me.

4. Samsung Note 2 – Please take note that I’m not bashing the actual hardware. Samsung Note 2 is a beautiful handset, with amazing piece of hardware. The operating system is the worst piece of you know what. Wow! I think I found myself fixing things on it then getting the job done. If you are a business person, stay away from Android. If you want to play games and waste time, Android is the OS for you. If you are looking for just entertainment, I would say Android would score #1 on my list. Other then that, stay away.

Of course the rating above is a personal preference. However, I think people need to try other operating systems and not be committed to one. It might open up your eyes, like they have been opened up for me.

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