30+ Fun and Playful Fonts For Web Design In Spring 2020

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Web designers are always on the lookout for new fonts to use in our designs, and there are a plethora of resources and type foundries that provide countless fonts for web use, so the task of browsing through these collections can be very time-consuming. We have a number of web font collections here on 1WD to aid in your search, but here we’ve created a new list focusing on fun and playful fonts for web design as we head into the Spring season.

Regardless of whether you are looking for seasonal fonts, or just something different from the norm, the free and premium fonts for web use listed below will surely provide you with some unique and interesting options to use in your design projects.

Note: be sure to check license information on these popular fonts. They may be free but some of them require reference or may not be used for commercial projects for free, although most of them are.

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Knewave (Free)

Knewave - fonts for web

Miracella Script (with Envato Elements Subscription)

Miracella Script - fonts for web

League Script (Free)

League Script - fonts for web

Fountain Type (with Envato Elements Subscription)

Fountain Type - fonts for web

Pacifico (Free)


Hey Spring Brush Font (with Envato Elements Subscription)

Hey Spring - fonts for web

Calafia (Pay What You Want For Personal Use)


Twenty Nine Font (with Envato Elements Subscription)

Twenty Nine - fonts for web

Sofia (Free)



Sannie Typeface (with Envato Elements Subscription)

Sannie - fonts for web

Boomville (Pay What You Want For Personal Use)


Banshee Brush Script (with Envato Elements Subscription)

Banshee - fonts for web

Amatic SC (Free)

Amatic SC

Santoy (with Envato Elements Subscription)

Santoy - fonts for web

Escafina (Pay What You Want For Personal Use)


Fairytales Script (with Envato Elements Subscription)

Fairytales - fonts for web

Waltograph (Free For Personal Use)


Hard Stones Family (with Envato Elements Subscription)

Hard Stones - fonts for web

Cheri Font Family (Free For Personal Use)


Leah Gaviota (with Envato Elements Subscription)

Leah Gaviota - fonts for web

Bender (Pay What You Want For Personal Use)


Sanös Extended Script Font (with Envato Elements Subscription)

Sanos - fonts for web

Bigelow Rules (Free)

Bigelow Rules

Cherry Cream Soda Font (Free)

Cherry Cream Soda

Sidebook Script Font (with Envato Elements Subscription)

Sidebook - fonts for web

Chicle Font (Free)


Englebert (Free)


Fiesta Font Duo (with Envato Elements Subscription)

Fiesta - fonts for web

Henny Penny Font (Free)

Henny Penny

Mystery Quest Font (Free)

Mystery Quest

Nalotta (with Envato Elements Subscription)

Nalotta - fonts for web

Ribeye Marrow Font (Free)

Ribeye Marrow

Enchanted Land (with Envato Elements Subscription)

Enchanted Land - fonts for web


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