30 Free Education Icons Sets

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From official websites of universities, schools, and colleges to study consultancy sites and portals, the internet is brimming with websites related to education. Usually, there’s a lot of information on an education website, however, in order to make the navigation of a complex education website easy and interesting, icons prove to be the perfect elements.

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30 Free Medical Icon Sets You Can Download

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Though there are many multi-pupose icon sets that can go with just about any website, but a specifically education-related website would be best suited with special education icon sets. And what more can you ask for if you get such high quality icons all for free!

On that account I am sharing a list of 30 free school and education icon sets that can be a useful addition to your icons repository or be used in your next education-related web project. Do make sure to check the licence for each icon set and mention the author, if it’s required.

School & Childhood Icons Set

Format: SVG, PNG [Download]

childhoodchildhoodSchool Icons Vector

Format: AI [Download]

paper-planepaper-planeSchool Icon Collection

Format: EPS [Download]

calculatorcalculatorEducation Icons

Format: PNG, SVG, PNG, PSD [Download]

telescopetelescopeLine Education Icons Free

Format: AI [Download]

chemistry-iconschemistry-icons6 Modern Education Icons

Format: PSD, EPS [Download]

school-lampschool-lampBecris Freebie Outline Icons

Format: PNG, SVG, AI, EPS [Download]

becrisbecrisSchool and Education Hand Drawn Icons

Format: PSD [Download]

chalkboardchalkboardScience and Education Icons

Format: SVG, AI [Download]

science-iconsscience-iconsEducation Elements Vector Icons

Format: SVG, AI [Download]

school-busschool-busMinimal Line Icons

Format: AI, EPS, PDF, SVG [Download]

minimalistic-schoolminimalistic-schoolJolly Icons

Format: AI, EPS, PDF, PSD [Download]

school-lunchschool-lunchGraduation Icon

Format: SVG, EPS [Download]

graduation-iconsgraduation-icons60 Education Vector Icons Freebie

Format: AI, EPS, PNG [Download]

sports-iconssports-iconsEducation Icon Set

Format: PNG, PSD, EPS, SVG [Download]

chancerychanceryEducation Vector Icons

Format: EPS [Download]

education-vector-iconseducation-vector-iconsEducation Icon Set

Format: SVG, EPS [Download]

rulerrulerSchool Icons Vector

Format: AI [Download]

school-bagpackschool-bagpackKnowledge Icon Set

Format: AI, EPS, PDF, PSD [Download]

knowledge-iconsknowledge-iconsEducation Icon Set

Format: SVG [Download]

school-educationschool-educationEducation Icon Set

Format: AI [Download]

school-bellschool-bell20 Free Vector Education Icons

Format: AI, SVG [Download]

line-color-icons-schoolline-color-icons-schoolEducation Icons Collection

Format: EPS, AI [Download]

college-iconscollege-iconsA free Education Icon Set

Format: PNG, AI, TTF, SVG [Download]

retina-ready-iconsretina-ready-iconsAcademic Icon Collection

Format: EPS [Download]

school-line-iconsschool-line-iconsBack to School Icon Set

Format: AI, EPS [Download]

backtoschoolbacktoschoolEducation Icons

Format: AI [Download]

abc-iconsabc-iconsVector School Stuff Icons

Format: AI [Download]

blue-school-iconsblue-school-iconsIcons About Education

Format: EPS [Download]

about-educationabout-educationPencil Icon Set

Format: EPS [Download]

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