20 Free Handwritten Fonts to Download

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Handwritten and cursive fonts have a unique charm that can add a personal touch to your designs. In this article, we’ve compiled a list of 20 beautiful cursive and handwritten fonts that you can download for free. These fonts are perfect for invitations, greeting cards, branding materials, and more.

Explore these fonts to add a touch of elegance and authenticity to your designs.

#1. Bakery

Bakery by StereoType offers a complete set of alternate glyphs, 13 ligatures, and swashes. It’s a versatile font available for personal use, adding a touch of elegance to your projects.



#2. She Always Walks Alone

She Always Walks Alone by Runes & Fonts is a unique brush font with a playful and quirky style. It is ideal for various creative projects and is available for commercial use upon contacting the creator for licensing details.

She Always Walks AloneShe Always Walks Alone


#3. Variane Script Font

Variane Script Font by Boy Moch Tomi is a clean and versatile cursive font suitable for both light and dark designs. Its simplicity adds a touch of elegance to any project.

Variane Script FontVariane Script Font


#4. Shorelines Script

Shorelines Script by The Branded Quotes is a free-flowing cursive font that captures the essence of natural handwriting. The varying height and spacing give it an organic and authentic appearance.

Shorelines ScriptShorelines Script


#5. Reis

Reis by Marcelo Reis Melo is a bold and eye-catching font perfect for posters and headlines. Its distinct style adds a powerful impact to any design project.



#6. Stackyard

Stackyard by Mans Greback is a strong and organized font with a consistent slant. Its sleek and professional appearance makes it suitable for various applications.



#7. A HandMade Font

A HandMade Font by Gaston Jacquier is a roundish and clean font featuring lightweight strokes. It exudes a subtle charm, making it a great choice for a range of design projects.

A HandMade FontA HandMade Font


#8. Cheddar Jack

Cheddar Jack by Brittney Murphy Design is a natural handwritten font that captures an authentic and relaxed style. It works particularly well for freestyle packaging designs, adding a personal touch.

Cheddar JackCheddar Jack


#9. Kitsune Udon

Kitsune Udon by Rory Harnden is an extensive collection of dynamic handwritten characters, providing versatility and creativity for your designs. With numerous glyphs, it offers flexibility and uniqueness.

Kitsune UdonKitsune Udon


#10. BeWicked

BeWicked by Jeff Bensch is inspired by the title card of the Bewitched TV sitcom. Its playful and whimsical style brings a touch of nostalgia and charm to any project.



#11. Euphoria

Euphoria by Typesenses is an informal and playful font, reminiscent of greeting cards. It adds a cheerful and light-hearted vibe to your designs, perfect for special occasions.



#12. Moose font

Moose font by Jake Luedecke Motion & Graphic Design is a charming font that emulates the typewriter aesthetic. With its nostalgic appeal, it adds character and warmth to your projects.

Moose fontMoose font


#13. Vtks Love U

Vtks Love U by VTKS DESIGN is a raw and unpolished font intentionally crafted to evoke an anxious vibe. Its imperfect strokes and unique style create an intriguing and expressive look.

Vtks Love UVtks Love U


#14. MRF Freckled Lemonade

MRF Freckled Lemonade by MonkeyRoodles Fonts is a light-stroked and quirky font ideal for invitation cards. It adds a playful and whimsical touch, enhancing the overall aesthetic.

MRF Freckled LemonadeMRF Freckled Lemonade


#15. Milasian

Milasian by Mans Greback is a beautiful and elegant font available in three weights: thin, medium, and bold. Its graceful curves and refined style make it suitable for a wide range of projects.



#16. Wasted

Wasted by StereoType is a versatile font that comes with 14 different swashes and two underline styles. It offers a creative and contemporary look, perfect for various design applications.



#17. Scriptina Font Family

Scriptina Font Family by Apostrophic Labs features captivating waves that lend an elegant and decorative touch. Whether for fancy wedding invitations or expressive tattoos, it adds a touch of sophistication.

Scriptina Font FamilyScriptina Font Family


#18. Popsies Font

Popsies Font by StimulEye Fonts provides an authentic handwritten look. With its raw and unrefined style, it captures the essence of true handwriting, adding an organic feel to your designs.

Popsies FontPopsies Font


#19. Milasian Circa

Milasian Circa by Mans Greback is a more rounded and spread-out version of Milasian. With its smooth curves and balanced design, it offers a distinct and approachable appearance.

Milasian CircaMilasian Circa


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