10 Most Useful ChatGPT Tools So Far

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The popularity of AI-powered GTP technology has been on the rise in recent years. It has transformed the way we interact with computers and have made it possible to achieve tasks faster and in more efficient and natural ways.

In this article, we will be showcasing 10 of the most powerful resources built on top of ChatGPT and GPT-3 based AI model, making it easier for you to take advantage of their full potential. So, if you’re looking to leverage AI technology in your life or work, this article is a must-read. Let’s begin.

1. ChatGPT Desktop

The ChatGPT Desktop is a multi-platform solution available on macOS, Linux, and Windows. You can use ChatGPT in your desktop and export your conversation history in PNG, PDF, and Markdown formats.

The app offers common shortcut keys and integrates with awesome-chatgpt-prompts for easy import of prompts which can be synced with one click and disabled if needed.

ChatGPT DesktopChatGPT Desktop
2. ChatGTP Everywhere

A Google Chrome extension for instant access to ChatGPT. With this extension, you can quickly gather information while using Google search. It also includes a sidebar that can be easily accessed with just one click, providing full access to the capabilities of ChatGPT’s language model anywhere the web.

ChatGTP EverywhereChatGTP Everywhere
3. ChatGPT for Gmail

A Chrome extension to help you deal with emails productively whether composing or answering the email. With the ability to complete the email subject, fix typos and provide an accessible button to activate the completion process, this extension makes email writing more efficient. Plus, the feature can be enabled or disabled at any time.

ChatGPT for GmailChatGPT for Gmail
4. AI Engine

A WordPress plugin that allows you to add a ChatGPT-style chatbot to your website with a simple shortcode. You can generate fresh content, doing translations, corrections and find suggestions in its AI Playground.

The plugin also provides quick title and excerpt suggestions, tracks your OpenAI usage with built-in statistics, and has an internal API for other plugins to tap and integrate into the plugin.

AI EngineAI Engine
5. AI Post Generator

Another AI-powered WordPress plugin that helps you with creating high-quality content for your website. The plugin is powered by OpenAI’s GPT-3 language model and supports multiple languages, automatically detecting the language of the title and generating content in the same language.

What makes it cool is that it can find high-quality images for your post that go with the topic or theme of the writing.

AI Post GeneratorAI Post Generator
6. GPT3 WordPress Post Generator

This script generates a WordPress post by utilizing the OpenAI GPT-3 API and the OpenAI Python library for API calls, and the WordPress XML-RPC library for post creation. You can control the length of content, topic, and even tone (e.g., funny, serious, formal) for the generated post.

GPT3 WordPress Post GeneratorGPT3 WordPress Post Generator
7. ChatGPT for Google

This browser extension integrates ChatGPT into popular search engines including Google, Baidu, Bing, DuckDuckGo, Brave, Yahoo, and Naver to display ChatGPT responses alongside the search results.

It features Markdown rendering, code highlighting, dark mode, copying to the clipboard, and language switching. All in all, this extension will enhance your search engine experience.

hatGPT for GooglehatGPT for Google
8. ChatGPT VSCode

A Visual Studio Code extension integrates ChatGPT API. It allows you to ask natural language questions and get answers from OpenAI’s ChatGPT directly in the editor. It provides a user-friendly input box in the sidebar to ask questions, a panel to view responses, and the ability to follow up with additional questions while maintaining conversation context.

Additionally, code snippets from the AI’s response can be inserted into the active editor with a click.

ChatGPT VSCodeChatGPT VSCode
9. ChatGPT macOS

A simple macOS application that integrates ChatGPT API into the menubar. It allows you to access it quickly with the Cmd+Shift+G shortcut from anywhere.

There’s no Windows version is currently available, but it can be run on Windows by cloning the repository, installing electron-forge, and running the build a command. In Windows, you can access it with the Ctrl+Shift+G shortcut.

ChatGPT macOSChatGPT macOS
10. ChatGPT for JetBrains

Aa plugin for JetBrains IDEs series that allows for integration with ChatGPT. It adds a section within the IDE where you can input prompts and view ChatGPT’s responses, providing a convenient assistant for code development.

ChatGPT for JetBrainsChatGPT for JetBrains

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