10 Great Black Friday Deals for Designers, Marketers and Small Businesses

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If you know the thrill of nabbing Black Friday deals, you’re aware of the treasure trove that awaits. Black Friday is often seen as the prime time to snag a deal, especially if you’re a web designer or part of a design agency keen on tools to bolster your online business.

The countdown is on, and bargain hunters are gearing up for the rush. But you? You have the luxury to unwind in front of your computer with a cozy cup of coffee, leisurely browsing through this curated list of Black Friday specials tailored for web designers and agencies. Rest assured, each item on this list stands out for its quality and is the best in its class.

So, here’s to smart shopping.


Tool Name
Black Friday / Cyber Monday

Website Builder
$39 – 35% off

WordPress Table and Chart Plugins
Up to 70% off

WordPress Event Booking Plugin
Up to 70% off

Multiplatform Website Builder
Up to 50% off

WordPress Slider Builder Plugin
Up to 50% off

Appointment Scheduling Tool
Up to 50% off

Vector Illustrations

E-commerce Platform

Slider Revolution
Dynamic WordPress Plugin
33% off

WordPress & WooCommerce Theme
Up to 50% off

BeTheme Black Friday deals

Notable Website Builder for WordPress

BeTheme is recognized for its extensive library of over 700 customizable pre-built websites. Its range of robust core features are noteworthy, including:

BeBuilder, a fast and user-friendly WordPress website builder, available in three versions: blocks, classic, and developer.
Be’s WooCommerce builder, designed to enhance online shopping experiences and potentially increase sales.
Header and Footer builders from BeTheme, which offer customization beyond preset designs, allowing for personalized website sections.
Additional features such as Be’s Popup, Sidebar Menu, Mega Menu builders, and the Loop Builder with dynamic data capabilities.

BeTheme also includes Conditional Logic, a feature to control the display of sections, wraps, or elements.

Click the banner to learn more about BeTheme’s Black Friday offer.

Visit BeTheme

wpDataTables Black Friday deals

Comprehensive Tables & Charts Plugin for WordPress

Creating interactive tables or charts from a vast amount of data can be challenging. The wpDataTables plugin, however, aims to simplify this task.

wpDataTables is beneficial for data analysts, web developers, and business owners, offering features that aid in data management, such as:

Tools for creating responsive and easily manageable tables and charts.
The ability to process data from various sources in multiple formats.
Features for front-end table editing, sorting, advanced filtering, and conditional formatting to emphasize important data.
Pagination and AJAX loading to manage data efficiently.
More than 8 styles for customizing data tables.
Support for Excel-like formulas, among other features.

A Black Friday promotion offers up to 70% off. More details are available by clicking on the banner.

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Amelia Black Friday deals

Leading Appointment and Event Booking Plugin for WordPress

Amelia is suited for various industries like beauty, healthcare, fitness, consulting, education, and training. It facilitates the automation and optimization of appointment booking processes, managing:

A range of services, including packages, event tickets, resource and group bookings, recurrent appointments, and providing real-time notifications and reminders.
The capability to handle an unlimited number of appointments at multiple locations from one platform and dashboard.

Clients can book appointments around the clock and make payments online through Stripe, PayPal, Mollie, or Razorpay. Amelia integrates with WooCommerce, Google Calendar, Outlook Calendar, Google Meet, Zoom, as well as Elementor, Divi, and Lesson Space.

Incorporate the Amelia plugin into your website for added value, especially with a 70% Black Friday discount. Click the banner to learn more.

Visit Amelia

Brizy Black Friday deals

Distinctive Multiplatform Website Builder

Brizy stands out as a website builder known for its speed, effectiveness, and ease of use. What sets it apart is its multiplatform capability, which includes Cloud and WordPress support, and an anticipated Shopify integration. This builder is equipped with over 180 pre-made templates, all optimized for high conversion rates.

Additionally, Brizy enhances marketing efforts with tools like a popup builder and CRM integrations. It is especially beneficial for design agencies and SaaS product owners, thanks to Brizy’s 100% white label reseller plans. These plans allow them to provide a DIY website builder to their clients, adding significant value to their services.

Brizy plans are available at a 50% discount for Black Friday.

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LayerSlider Black Friday deals

Leading WordPress Slider Builder Plugin

LayerSlider elevates websites with dynamic flair, style, and animations, making it an ideal tool for transforming dull sites or creating visually striking new ones. It offers an affordable way to develop sophisticated websites without incurring substantial expenses.

With a collection of over 210 customizable templates for websites, sliders, and popups, LayerSlider is user-friendly and well-suited for beginners or those embarking on new projects. This accessibility and versatility make it a popular choice for enhancing online presence.

Take advantage of the Black Friday offer of up to 50% off. The discount can be accessed using the coupon code: BF2023.

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Trafft Black Friday deals

Comprehensive Appointment Scheduling Software

Trafft is an all-in-one software solution designed to automate bookings, manage calendars, services, staff, customers, and handle payments efficiently. This system is particularly beneficial for businesses operating in multiple locations, offering features such as custom fields and domains, group bookings, as well as comprehensive invoice and payment management.

Additionally, it’s an excellent tool for agencies and web designers, enabling them to offer clients a customized, brand-tailored booking solution. This adaptability makes Trafft a versatile and valuable asset for various business models.

A Black Friday/Cyber Monday discount of up to 50% makes it an attractive option.

Visit Trafft

Getillustrations Black Friday deals

Quality Vector Illustrations for Digital Projects

Getillustrations provides a wide array of illustrations that cater to diverse digital projects and keep pace with evolving illustration styles. It boasts an extensive collection of over 18,000 vector illustrations, ensuring a broad selection for various needs. Each illustration comes with a commercial use license, granting permanent usage rights.

Moreover, the platform accommodates different requirements by offering illustrations in multiple formats, including PNG, SVG, Ai, and Figma. This makes Getillustrations a comprehensive resource for digital creatives seeking quality and variety in illustrations.

Suitable for websites, apps, presentations, and more, Getillustrations also offers a 40% Black Friday discount with the coupon code BLACK2023.

Visit Getillustrations

Hongo Black Friday deals

Comprehensive Shopify Theme for E-commerce

Hongo is a Shopify theme tailored for crafting visually appealing and efficient e-commerce stores, optimized to boost conversions. It comes equipped with features like quick view, product comparison, wishlist, advanced filters, color swatches, and product videos, enhancing the shopping experience.

The theme also offers extensive customization options, including over 150 sections, more than 100 demo pages, various product card styles, and adjustable settings in the Shopify Customize panel. To assist users, Hongo includes detailed documentation and instructional videos, providing valuable guidance for creating a compelling online store.

Visit Hongo

Slider Revolution Black Friday deals
Slider Revolution

Dynamic WordPress Plugin

Slider Revolution is a tool that significantly enhances web pages with its unique features, offering great versatility to web designers. It boasts a wide range of advanced animation effects and provides over 250 website and slider templates, catering to various design needs. A standout feature is the “Fluid Dynamics” addon, which introduces interactive, dynamic fluid simulation effects.

During Cyber Weeks (Nov 17 – Dec 1), enjoy 3 exclusive templates and a 33% discount using code CYBER33.

Visit Slider Revolution

XStore Black Friday deals

Enhanced WordPress & WooCommerce Theme

XStore, known for its user-friendly interface as a WordPress and WooCommerce theme, now comes with new enhancements. It incorporates the Single Product Builder with Elementor, allowing for detailed customization of product pages.

Additionally, the introduction of the Products Archive Builder enables the creation of attractive product archive pages. With a substantial collection of over 130 prebuilt websites, XStore offers a robust foundation for building a wide range of online stores, catering to diverse e-commerce needs.

Visit XStore

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