Hackers want Ransom from Apple

It has been discovered mischievous group of hackers claiming to have entry to over 300 million iCloud accounts is threatening Apple to remotely wipe knowledge from these thousands and thousands of Apple gadgets until Apple pays it $75,000 in crypto-currency or $100,000 price of iTunes present playing cards.

The hacking group, who recognized themselves as ‘Turkish Crime Household,’ has demanded a ransom to be paid in Bitcoin or Ethereum, one other in style crypto-currency.

” the hacker instructed Motherboard.

Nonetheless, the story appears inconsistent, as on its Twitter account, the group claims to have entry to 200 million iCloud accounts, whereas in one of many emails, it says to entry 300 million Apple e mail accounts and in one other, the quantity will get nearly double to 559 million.

At the moment, it is vitally tough for even Apple to confirm the claims. Nonetheless, the corporate has warned the group saying that it doesn’t reward cyber criminals for breaking the legislation and asking them to take away the video because it was “searching for undesirable consideration.”

12 Year old Montreal Hacker

It is reported that a 12 year old hacker from Montreal was able to hack into websites belonging to the Montreal police, the Quebec Institute of Public Health, the Chilean government, and other, non-public entities. If all checks out, he would be the youngest Canadian known hacker. It is reported that $60,000 of damages were caused by the hacks. There was no word what sort of exploits he had used, however it was reported that the hacker did manage to gain Administrator and User access. I doubt there will be any releases of the exploits he had used, it would have been interesting to see what it was.

Are all the elite hackers from Montreal ? 🙂