Internal external SEO

Internal SEO Package

There is a significant amount of SEO that is required to be processed internally on the website via back-end and on-page as well. If your website designer neglected to invoice you for SEO, the odds are that either it was overlooked or auto-generated. Auto-generated SEO is better than NO SEO, however you are still on the bottom end of the SEO point system.

As of recently, we have started to include internal SEO free of charge if you have obtained our website design services.

Please do note, that after the internal process has been completed. Clients are encouraged to continue updating their website content. Keeping your users engaged will help facilitate your overall SEO score.

  • Existing SEO Site Analysis
  • Keyword Research
  • Competitor Analysis
  • On Page Optimization
    Implementation of H1/H2 & Bold tags to Content, correcting coding errors, etc.
  • Content Optimization
    Implementation of H1/H2 & Bold tags to Content, correcting coding errors, etc.
  • XML Sitemap Creation
    Submission & Authentication on Google, Yahoo & MSN
  • Robots.txt Optimization
  • Google Analytics Installation
  • Monthly Ranking & Traffic Reports
    If provided access to Google Analytics.
  • One-Time Package Cost
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External SEO Package

Externally there are multiple elements that could effect your websites SEO. Imagine our external package as booster shot into your exterior SEO. Our package below covers 6 months of manual maintenance. After 6 months, you can subscribe to our monthly package of $160.00 per month. There is absolutely no obligation to go on monthly terms thereafter. Many clients are happy with the initial boost, and others want to prolong that boost. It’s all up to the individual client.

  • PageRank Boost
  • Social Media Boost
  • AdWords Advertising Campaign
  • World Wide Back Linking
  • Article Linking
    12 articles will be written about your company, and your industry. The articles will be disclosed to the client.
  • Domain / Page Authority Boost
  • One-Time Package Cost
    Please contact us for pricing. Some companies are in a very competitive industry, and these would cost more than those who are not. Every company is different and no quote is exaclty the same.