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Does your 32-bit iOS application need to be updated?

Apple has all the earmarks of being wanting to drop bolster for 32-bit applications in a forthcoming form of iOS. The ready exchange displayed when propelling a 32-bit application on iOS 10.3 beta 1 now cautions clients that the application should be refreshed to keep taking a shot at future variants of iOS. This proposes […]

Project Zero Cloudflare Hack

On February 18, 2017 Tavis Ormandy, a research analyst with Google’s Project Zero, revealed delicate information spilling from sites utilizing Cloudflare’s proxy services, which are utilized for their content delivery network (CDN) and distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) mitigation services. Cloudflare gives an assortment of services to a ton of sites – to at least couple of […]

iOS update might say a final goodbye to 32-bit applications

Beta forms of iOS 10.3, the first was issued a week ago, create cautioning messages when you attempt to run more seasoned 32-bit applications. The message, initially found by PSPDFKit CEO and application engineer Peter Steinberger, cautions that the applications “won’t work with future renditions of iOS” and that the application must be overhauled by […]

Jailbreak 10.1.1

Project-zero has detailed instruction on a kernel exploit that is capable of jailbreaking iOS 10.1.1. Here’s a screenshot: Therefore, if you are looking to jailbreak manually, CLICK HERE. Instructions are detailed and if you follow them, you should be able to jailbreak your device. As mentioned in our previous post, if you have updated to […]

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iOS 10.2 Jailbreakers Avoid

According to multiple sources iOS 10.2 has closed all the kernel vulnerabilities that were available. If you have any hope to jailbreak your iDevice on iOS10, simply upgrade to the last version that appears to be jailbreakable which is 10.1.1. As of right now its still signed and its possible to downgrade if you made […]

iCloud bypass … is it?

I got really excited when news broke out that there was a way to iCloud bypass any iOS version via memory leak. Here is the process: 1. When you are asked to join a network, simply choose a new network and in the first field simply put many emojis into it. If you get around […]

iOS Safari Virus Detected 18444232465

This strange pop-up started occurring via Safari. Every time Safari was opened it would simply open the mail up and it kept re-opening every time you canceled. I couldn’t figure out which website was the offender. Regardless if you see phone number: 1-844-423-2465 (not affiliated with Apple) it is a good indication that your Safari has […]