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Malware Reverse Engineering

As the title of this blog states, this short blog is about malware reverse engineering. This seems to be a very popular topic among security experts. The idea of reverse engineering of malware is to find out what weakness did the malware expose on your side (network, operating system, etc). After researching for approximately 3 […]

WannaCry Ransomware received how many payments?

As everyone knows by now WannaCry / WanaCrypt0r ransomware would encrypt your hardrive, lock you out and simply ask for payment between $300.00 to $600.00 to restore access back. There are certainly users out there that paid, but how many paid and how much did WannaCry / WanaCryptor. According to ActualRansom The three bitcoin wallets […]

Google disciplines Symantec for mis-issuing 30,000 Certs

In a extreme rebuke of one of many largest suppliers of HTTPS credentials, Google Chrome builders introduced plans to drastically limit transport layer safety certificates offered by Symantec-owned issuers following the invention they’ve allegedly mis-issued greater than 30,000 certificates. Chrome plans to cease recognizing the prolonged validation standing of all certificates issued by Symantec-owned certificates […]

How do I refresh the hosts file on OS X?

Ever wanted to block certain hosts on your MAC and then simply clear DNS cache. It’s actually fairly easy. This brief tutorial is for OSX 10.9+. 1. Open your TERMINAL (Launchpad > Other > Terminal). 2. To edit your hosts file simply type in: sudo vim /etc/hosts 3. Type “i” to insert or edit the […]

How do I load a sql.gz file to my database? (importing)

Many of us use phpmyadmin to utilize any sort of importing and exporting of MySQL databases. But what if there was an easier way and faster solution. You will need SSH access to your VPS or dedicated server box. Its a one liner: zcat /path/to/file.sql.gz | mysql -u ‘root’ -p ‘password’ your_database zcat = decompresses […]

Hackers want Ransom from Apple

When you use iCloud to sync your Apple gadgets, your non-public knowledge could also be liable to getting uncovered or deleted by April seventh. It has been discovered mischievous group of hackers claiming to have entry to over 300 million iCloud accounts is threatening Apple to remotely wipe knowledge from these thousands and thousands of […]

iOS green screen of death

I remember the days when windows used to be plagued with the lovely blue screen of death. It used to be a regular occurrence especially if you installed a third party driver or hardware that windows wasn’t particularly fond of. I have since switched to MacOS and have never experience such events ever again. Now […]

Android: versionCode vs. versionName

When you are releasing an Android application you are faced with deciding of putting a versionCode and versionName. Both are usually found in your manifest. However, I have started to input them in my Gradle and more developers have started to do the same. But what the heck is the difference between the two. Android:versionCode – […]

The importance of info.plist in iOS 10

Since iOS 9 Info.plist has become a very important file especially during the app submission process. I think almost every developer has had a rejection notice by now due to a missing element in the info.plist directive. When iOS 10 was released Info.plist has become the most important file. I’ve had builds simply disappear from […]