Ucraft Review: Building Creative Websites With Strong eCommerce Support

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Creatives need to look creative online.  Unfortunately, this often means a trade-off in the eCommerce department. You may be able to make a beautiful, visual website, but that awesome portfolio is nothing without the ability to sell your merchandise, prints, and other products. That’s where Ucraft comes into play. This Ucraft review will outline the stunning website templates provided by the page builder and walk you through some of the excellent selling tools you need in order to make money as a creative.

Overall, Ucraft is dedicated to building better websites in a faster manner. Therefore, it delivers a true drag and drop builder so that you don’t have to learn about coding or much website development. You’re able to craft stunning, professional websites for photography, web design, writing, and art. Sure, others can take advantage of the Ucraft tools, but the company has focused quite a bit on helping out creatives with its strong media support.

Ucraft Review: The Best Features
An Awesome Free Landing Page Creator

The landing page creator is free, and you’re able to make your one landing page within minutes. You start the design process by choosing from a template. After that, all the changes are automatically saved and published in Ucraft.

Designer Tools with Drag and Drop Functionality

The designer tools make sure that you can add a designer touch to your website even if you’re not that into design. From a full UIKit for advanced modifications, to simple tools for adjusting headings, colors, and sizes, the Ucraft design end is as simple as they come.

Strong eCommerce Support for Regular Businesses and Creatives

The eCommerce plan (outlined below,) is pretty much what most smaller and mid-sized businesses will need. However, you can also upgrade to get extremely advanced tools for selling your products.

In short, Ucraft has social eCommerce options for selling on places like Facebook and Amazon. You also receive product SEO features, over 70 payment and shipping solutions, and secure transactions. What’s more is that Ucraft takes nothing in terms of transaction fees.

I like the fact that you can integrate with dozens of apps and eCommerce platforms. For instance, you may want to sell on a place like eBay or connect your store to Zendesk. Both are possible, along with several other integrations.

As mentioned, the eCommerce plan is pretty powerful, with support for 50 products, unlimited storage, payment and order management, and multi-currency support.

However, you can upgrade to higher plans to get things like more products available,  invoices, favorite lists, VAT support, tax exemptions, eBay selling, real-time tracking, and more.

A Free Logo Maker

The free logo maker from Ucraft is a huge advantage for small businesses and creatives. Logos of svg and png formats can be created.  Not only does it have some interesting designs for you to start off with, but you can get creative yourself and brand your website the way you want. What’s great is that after you design your logo it goes on your website and you also receive a file to use it elsewhere for your business.

Insert the logo into all marketing materials, include it in your email newsletter, and print it on your business cards. This is a truly free logo maker, which is not always the case when you sign up for something like this. Sometimes you get forced to pay or you don’t get to remove the logo maker’s branding. That’s not the case with Ucraft.

Ucraft Review: The Pricing

You can pay for Ucraft on a monthly or yearly basis. The yearly plans save you extra money over the long run and you get a custom domain, but you still have the option to pay per month if you’re still not up for the commitment.

One of the best parts about Ucraft is that you can go with the free plan to gain access to some wonderful landing page tools and more. After that, you have to start paying, but the plans are less expensive than much of the competition, and you get that coveted eCommerce support.

Here are the pricing plans on a yearly subscription to see what you receive:

Landing Page – Free forever. You get one landing page, customizable content, the option to connect your own domain, an SEO app, the option to invite team members, customer support from Ucraft, and free hosting. The only downside is that you have to live with the Ucraft watermark on landing pages.
Website – $6 per month gets you a custom domain, one website (unlimited pages,) a drag and drop builder, the removal of the Ucraft watermark, 24/7 customer support, over 15 integrations, free hosting, an SEO app, unlimited articles, multilingual tools, and more.
eCommerce – This plan costs $13 per month and it provides everything from the previous plans, a custom domain, support for 50 products, no transaction fees, over 70 payment and shipping methods, multi-currency support, SEP for products, payment and order management, real-time tracking, unlimited storage.

As you can see, these pricing models are pretty impressive. Most website builders cost more than $6 per month, and you’ll be hardpressed to locate many eCommerce builders for less than $13 per month.

What’s cool is that several other plans are provided if you want to upgrade past that $13 per month eCommerce package. For instance, a Pro plan is sold for $31 per month and an Unlimited plan is set at $60 per month. In short, if you want to expand your eCommerce store and get the best tools possible, that’s when you would upgrade.

Finally, all Ucraft users get the following for free:

SEO tools
Designer tools
A logo maker

Who is Ucraft Best Suited For?

As I talked about a few times in this article, Ucraft makes the most sense for creatives and small businesses. It’s less expensive than so many other website and eCommerce builders on the market, and the company does a great job with its modern, beautiful templates.

The features are still robust enough for you to scale up in the future, and you get the bonuses of the free logo maker, SEO tools, and templates.

If you have any questions about this Ucraft review, let us know in the comments.

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