Email is the driving force of any online presents. With any web hosting service you are provided with “free” email accounts that are included with the cost of your web hosting account.

However, what if your web hosting server goes down? What if its DDOS attacked? What if its hacked? Such vulnerabilities are becoming more common then ever that Email hosting has become a popular service which is highly required for those serious about their brand and business.

Many have posed the same questions about premium email service. However companies involved in providing the premium service are your Google’s and Microsoft’s.

The idea is to have your email accounts ex: hosted away from where your content is hosted. “Not having all eggs in the same basket” … providing further peace of mind.

Email Hosting Options

  • Microsoft (Exchange Online)
  • 50GB
  • 1
  • $6.20/mo ($61.20/year)

Who would we recommend? Well it all depends if you want to spend additional monies or go with a free route.

If its the free route, you can either use free email service provided with your web hosting or take a look at Zoho.

If you are willing to spend a little, both Microsoft and Google are excellent choices. We are partners with both companies, and we are currently using Microsoft for our mail setup. However, majority of our clients have opted out with Google. Either way, they are both excellent choices. As partners, we are willing to help you setup emails from either company for FREE. Currently, we would recommend Microsoft Exchange only reason being is that they have a ticket system if there are issues whereas Google does not. Microsoft email support has improved significantly compared to when they officially launched.

Please note that Microsoft has many different options available to partners, therefore if you are looking for MORE, please contact us with your requirements.

The only complaint in regards to going with external email provider is that pricing above is for 1 User. What does that mean? Well if you have, and you want your co-worker to also have their account hosted they have to pay for 2nd user.

Please note: Zoho still offers 10 users for 1 domain to be hosted (for FREE). Additional company domains/users do cost additional moneys.

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G Suite Partner