Collective #451

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Apple Watch Scroll Border Animation

A great coding session by the keyframers, David Khourshid and Stephen Shaw, where they show how to code the scroll border animation as seen on the Apple Watch site.

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HelloSign API: Everything IT requires and Developers love

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Chrome’s NOSCRIPT Intervention

Tim Kadlec digged through Blink issues to find out more about the intervention that would disable JavaScript altogether on slow networks.

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Making colour gradients

Monica Dinculescu made a demo that shows how to darken, lighten or blend colors in JavaScript.

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A versatile and accessible vector icon set that can be customized easily.

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Force restart on any iOS device with just CSS

Developer Sabri shows how to cause a restart on iOS devices using loads of nested divs and the backdrop filter. Ouch!

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Generative Art Finds Its Prodigy

Read about generative artist Manolo Gamboa Naon and his inspiring works in this article by Jason Bailey.

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Minimalistic Geometry: Poster Templates

A beautiful set of poster templates by Pixelbuddha.

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Transform-origin illustration

A demo that visualizes the transform-origin property. By Stephen Shaw.

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Colour Beam

A great demo by Chris Gannon.

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Redesigning Chrome: An interview with Chrome’s lead designer

Read about how Google Chrome was redesigned to focus more on web content.

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Vue.js + GSAP = &#x1F525 Animations

Read how to integrate the GSAP animation library in your Vue.js project.

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Uber Rebrand 2018

A nice presentation of how the Uber brand was redesigned.

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500 Error – Animated text fill

A text fill animation for a 500 error page. Made by Mansoour.

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New in Chrome 69: building <progress> doughnut charts with conical gradients

Facundo Corradini shows how you can build conical gradients for the first supportive version of Chrome.

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Free Font: Kielo

A free uppercase headline font designed by Mikko Nuuttila.

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Capacitor (Beta)

In case you didn’t know about it: Capacitor is a cross-platform API and code execution layer that makes it easy to call Native SDKs from web code. By Ionic.

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WWWBasic is an implementation of BASIC for web pages.

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How HTTPS Works

If you missed it: A side project from DNSimple where HTTPS is explained in fun comics.

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Freebie: “Libre” Web App Template

Libre is a responsive single page app template that was designed for developers who want to create collection management-like projects.

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