Collective #431

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Bloom: eMail Opt-In And Lead Generation Plugin For WordPress

Bloom gives you the power to display opt-in forms using integrations of the most popular email marketing systems available.

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The CSS Paint API

Learn all about the new and exciting CSS Paint API in this article by Ruth John.

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What Is Redux: A Designer’s Guide

In this article, Linton Ye writes about Redux and how it relates to design.

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React Developer Roadmap

A complete roadmap to becoming a React developer in 2018.

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A tool that helps you find unused CSS on a webpage.

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Browsh is a bandwidth-saving text-based browser that can render anything that a modern browser can. It can be used from a terminal or from within a normal browser.

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CSS Nesting Request

Read this interesting discussion around the proposed CSS Nesting module that could be a game changer in how we write CSS.

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Podmap is an open-source app that maps the world’s podcasts and helps you discover podcasts near you.

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Itty.bitty is a tool to create links that contain entire small sites.

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The div that look different in every browser

Martijn Cuppens shared this fantastic demo that shows a div that renders differently in every major browser. Check out the tweet replies for more examples.

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Design Systems at GitHub

Diana Mounter shares a brief history of how the design team at GitHub grew, what they’ve been working on, and what’s next.

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CSS-in-JS: FTW || WTF?

In this CSS Day 2018 talk Bruce Lawson dives into the CSS-in-JS topic.

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The current state of modal dialog accessibility

Scott O’Hara explores how modal dialogs are doing when it comes to accessibility.

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How I scaled a website to 10 million users

Ex-Google Tech Lead Patrick Shyu talks about scalability, and how he grew a website to handle 10 million monthly users.

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Free Font: Mathison

A great looking font designed by Gabriela Bindis.

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Different views on view-source

Some interesting notes on the current debate around the controversial tweet by Tom Dale about “view-source”. By Christian Heilmann.

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Pattern Library First: An Approach For Managing CSS

Rachel Andrew shows how to use Fractal to manage CSS Grid components.

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Free Font: Manrope Font

Manrope font is an open-source modern grotesque font family designed by Michael Sharanda.

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Vue.js: the good, the meh, and the ugly

In case you missed it: Pier Bover explains what he likes and doesn’t like about Vue.

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A virtual world on the Ethereum blockchain where you can build, develop and sell property.

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Sketch of Voronoi

A demo of amazing Voronoi structures by Gerard Ferrandez.

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Collective #431 was written by Pedro Botelho and published on Codrops.

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