Collective #409

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Truly understand your site visitors’ behavior

Hotjar is a quick and easy way to truly understand your visitors and identify opportunities for improvement and growth.

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Cards and Composability in Design Systems

An excellent article by Nathan Curtis on structure, content, style and behavior of composed components.

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React in patterns

A free book about common design patterns used while developing with React. By Krasimir Tsonev.

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Replace Animated GIFs with Video

Jeremy Wagner shows how to replace large animated GIFs with lighter videos.

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A compact face-detection library in JavaScript with real-time detection capabilities.

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Convert a string into a slug. Useful for URLs, filenames, and IDs. By Sindre Sorhus.

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With Sketchize you can print sketch sheets for designing apps for mobile, tablet and desktop devices.

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The Origins of Opera and the Future of Programming

Jessica Kerr’s fascinating keynote for Mob Programming Conference where she uncovers why great teams make great people.

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GitHub Learning Lab

GitHub Learning Lab takes you through a series of fun and practical projects for building your skills.

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How we designed page previews for Wikipedia?- and what could be done with them in the future

Read all about the new desktop page previews for Wikipedia’s readers.

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Syntax Theme

A free minimalist theme for Atom and Visual Studio Code inspired by Framer’s code editor.

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VS Code can do that?!

Some very useful and interesting things you can do in Visual Studio Code.

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All the Buildings in Manhattan

An interactive 3D visualization of the all the buildings in Manhattan.

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Layers and how to force them

Read about some gotchas of will-change in this article by Surma.

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An unopinionated authentication library for building Node.js APIs. By Ian Storm Taylor.

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Lessons Learned – A Year Of Going “Fully Serverless” In Production

Tal Bereznitskey shares his insights on going fully serverless at Torii.

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Nike React

A fantastic three.js powered campaign site for Nike where you can create your own Nike React runner. Made by the folks of DPDK.

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Free Font: Lazy Marker

A relaxed marker typeface designed by Luz Mariana Torres.

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What You Need To Know To Increase Mobile Checkout Conversions

Suzanne Scacca gives advice on how to improve checkout conversions for mobile sites.

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Free Font: MD Tall

A great slim display font designed by Mariano Diez.

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BBC Sound Effects

The BBC offers more than 16,000 sound effects for free usage in personal, educational or research work.

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From Our Blog
Password Strength Visualization

Visual feedback for password strength on an image based on Colibro’s sign up form.

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Collective #409 was written by Pedro Botelho and published on Codrops.

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