Collective #403

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Public Design Vault is a curated directory of 500+ design tools and resources for public good.

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Site Palette

A browser extension that extracts the essential colors of a website.

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An easy-to-use console logger with a fancy output style.

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Understanding Logical Properties And Values

A great article by Rachel Andrew where she explains logical properties and values in CSS.

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Introducing TensorFlow.js: Machine Learning in Javascript

Read about TensorFlow.js, an open-source JavaScript library for defining, training and running machine learning models in the browser.

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Contextual styling with custom properties

An interesting article that describes how to have multiple themes on the same page using custom properties.

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It’s Time for an RSS Revival

A nice reminder on how great RSS is by giving us updates on the content that we really care about.

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Cropping Away Negative Impacts of Line Height

In case you missed it: Kevin Powell shows how to get rid of pesky space above and below HTML text.

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Glitch Opens Up: Welcome!

Read about the future of Glitch which is now out of beta.

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Building a HackerNews Clone in VueJS

Learn how to build a simplistic version of HackerNews in VueJS from scratch in this tutorial series.

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11 JavaScript Machine Learning Libraries To Use In Your App

Jonathan Saring shares some libraries which bring JavaScript, Machine Learning, DNN and even NLP together.

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Instagram Terminal Feed

A fun project made by Bill Cheng.

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The Famous Robots Icon Set

A fantastic freebie of 20 robot icons in AI, SVG and PNG. Designed by Iconshock.

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Animated SVG Radial Progress Bars

Dave Rupert shows how to create a circular progress indicator.

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Transitioning Google URL Shortener to Firebase Dynamic Links

Read about Google’s plan to retire its URL Shortener service.

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Free Font: Riviera

Rachel Woodby designed this interesting display typeface.

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A command-line dictionary (thesaurus) app with access to multiple sources, written in Go.

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Solved With CSS! Colorizing SVG Backgrounds

Una Kravets shares a CSS trick for coloring background images using filters.

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An online tool for making mind maps by writing indented lists.

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Expanding Grid Menu

A CSS Grid powered menu with a box look inspired by the effect seen in the “Ableton Live 10: What’s New” video.

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Collective #403 was written by Pedro Botelho and published on Codrops.

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