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iOS Safari Virus Detected 18444232465

This strange pop-up started occurring via Safari. Every time Safari was opened it would simply open the mail up and it kept re-opening every time you canceled. I couldn’t figure out which website was the offender. Regardless if you see phone number: 1-844-423-2465 (not affiliated with Apple) it is a good indication that your Safari has […]

Domain Name Registration .COM US$10.99

It’s difficult to stay competitive in the domain name registration business (pricing wise). How it works is the more registrations you process the higher the tier, the lower the price. Therefore, we are happy to announce we have reached a new tier which is allowing us to offer domain name registrations at US$10.99. The price […]

iPhone stuck in reboot loop (iOS9)

I installed BiteSMS (for iOS 7) by accident. And my iPhone got stuck in the infamous reboot loop. You will notice your phone reboot, and you will see Apple logo, and eventually after 60 seconds it will reboot again and so on. Here are suggested solutions that I have attempted: 1. Hard Reset – Holding […]

App attempts to access privacy sensitive data

During process of uploading an app to the AppStore you might run into an issue where you will receive an email indicating that your application needs further keys inserted in your info.plist file. The two keys that I was required to add were: NSCalendarsUsageDescription and NSBluetoothPeripheralUsageDescription. Both do require a string explaining to the user […]

Benefits of dedicated IP vs. shared IP

Large business and corporations don’t really have to decide if they should be obtaining a dedicated IP or shared IP. Most of the larger enterprises end up obtaining a dedicated server which of course comes with dedicated IP’s. However, start-ups, and small-businesses do have to make that choice sometime during their venture if they should […]