Awesome Demos Roundup #17

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I’m so excited to share another packed roundup with you! This time we have lots of CSS trickery and creative WebGL explorations that will leave you itching for experimenting more. I love, love, love all of them but my personal favorite in this collection is the wonderful Disintegration demo by Sikriti Dakua, it’s absolutely amazing!

I really hope you enjoy this set and get some creative inspiration for your next coding exploration!

CSS folded poster effect

by Lynn Fisher

3D Polaroid World

by ilithya


by Paul Henschel

Glowing buttons

by Pranjal Bhadu


by Sikriti Dakua

3D banners with ScrollTrigger

by supamike

Download button

by Aaron Iker

Mustache Guy

by We the Collective

Particle Emitter

by Keita Yamada

Bubbles Lamp

by ilithya


by Aaron Bird

Onboarding sequence

by Mikael Ainalem

CSS collector’s cabinet

by Lynn Fisher

Cursor with String Attached

by Sikriti Dakua


by Adam Kuhn

Mars Explorer

by Hai Le

CSS leaning card effect

by Lynn Fisher


by Oscar Salazar

Floating island

by Kasper De Bruyne

Mandala maker

by Amit Sheen

Depth peeling & SS refraction

by Domenico Bruzzese

Rubber Mesh Swipe Transition

by Yugam

Responsive “No div” truck

by Jhey Tompkins

Turning pages with CSS

by Amit Sheen

The Girl With A [pearl] CSS Earring

by Louise Flanagan

Three.js animated ice cream truck

by Stívali Serna

CSS Animated 3D Toaster

by Jhey Tompkins


by Gianmarco Simone


by Ikeda Ryou

CSS is Awesome

by Mikael Ainalem

Radios Under the Hood

by Jon Kantner


by Sikriti Dakua

Shader Transition 6

by masuwa

Marquee Page Border

by Ryan Mulligan

Only CSS: Moon Clip

by Yusuke Nakaya


by ycw


by Ricardo Oliva Alonso

Impossible Checkbox

by Jhey Tompkins

Glowing tree

by Robin Payot


by Ricardo Oliva Alonso

3D CSS Book Promo

by Jhey Tompkins

3D Image Transition (mouse wheel)

by Kevin Levron

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Popular Design News of the Week: August 17, 2020 – August 23, 2020

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Every week users submit a lot of interesting stuff on our sister site Webdesigner News, highlighting great content from around the web that can be of interest to web designers.

The best way to keep track of all the great stories and news being posted is simply to check out the Webdesigner News site, however, in case you missed some here’s a quick and useful compilation of the most popular designer news that we curated from the past week.

10 Best Logo Fonts for your Next Logo Project


UI Playbook – The Documented Collection of UI Components


10 Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Web Hosting Service


Best Practices in Responsive Landing Page Creation for Beginners


19 Useful Google Apps Scripts to Automate Google Drive


Simple, Open Source Alternative to Google Analytics


EazyCSS – No Code CSS Editor for any Website


I Tried to Live Without the Tech Giants. It was Impossible


Full Site Editing in WordPress: Lowering Barriers to Entry or the End of Themes?


How to Start a Successful Membership Business Without a Huge Audience


Biden-Harris Logo


Slate, Create Beautiful, Responsive API Documentation


Responsive Vs. Adaptive: 7 Best Mobile Web Design Practices


Fleava Digital Agency


Nightmare: I Tried to Use WordPress with Github Pages


Podcastle – Convert News/Articles to a Podcast Using ML


Create a Custom Color Palette for the WordPress Gutenberg Editor


5 Most Annoying Website Features I Face as a Blind Person Every Single Day


Building a Design System Library


Choosing Typography for Web Design: 5 Things to Consider


Why do We Interface?


How to Create a Great Design System for your Brand


How to Clone a WordPress Site


5 Steps to Improve your Logo Design


Turning Stock Charts into Landscape Art


Want more? No problem! Keep track of top design news from around the web with Webdesigner News.


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The Node.js Event Loop: A Developer’s Guide to Concepts & Code

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The Node.js Event Loop

Asynchrony in any programming language is hard. Concepts like concurrency, parallelism, and deadlocks make even the most seasoned engineers shiver. Code that executes asynchronously is unpredictable and difficult to trace when there are bugs. The problem is inescapable because modern computing has multiple cores. There’s a thermal limit in each single core of the CPU, and nothing is getting any faster. This puts pressure on the developer to write efficient code that takes advantage of the hardware.

JavaScript is single-threaded, but does this limit Node from utilizing modern architecture? One of the biggest challenges is dealing with multiple threads because of its inherent complexity. Spinning up new threads and managing context switch in between is expensive. Both the operating system and the programmer must do a lot of work to deliver a solution that has many edge cases. In this take, I’ll show you how Node deals with this quagmire via the event loop. I’ll explore every part of the Node.js event loop and demonstrate how it works. One of the “killer app” features in Node is this loop because it solved a hard problem in a radical new way.

What is the Event Loop?

The event loop is a single-threaded, non-blocking, and asynchronously concurrent loop. For those without a computer science degree, imagine a web request that does a database lookup. A single thread can only do one thing at a time. Instead of waiting on the database to respond, it continues to pick up other tasks in the queue. In the event loop, the main loop unwinds the call stack and doesn’t wait on callbacks. Because the loop doesn’t block, it’s free to work on more than one web request at a time. Multiple requests can get queued at the same time, which makes it concurrent. The loop doesn’t wait for everything from one request to complete, but picks up callbacks as they come without blocking.

The loop itself is semi-infinite, meaning if the call stack or the callback queue are empty it can exit the loop. Think of the call stack as synchronous code that unwinds, like console.log, before the loop polls for more work. Node uses libuv under the covers to poll the operating system for callbacks from incoming connections.

You may be wondering, why does the event loop execute in a single thread? Threads are relatively heavy in memory for the data it needs per connection. Threads are operating system resources that spin up, and this doesn’t scale to thousands of active connections.

Multiple threads in general also complicate the story. If a callback comes back with data, it must marshal context back to the executing thread. Context switching between threads is slow, because it must synchronize current state like the call stack or local variables. The event loop crushes bugs when multiple threads share resources, because it’s single-threaded. A single-threaded loop cuts thread-safety edge cases and can context switch much faster. This is the real genius behind the loop. It makes effective use of connections and threads while remaining scalable.

Enough theory; time to see what this looks like in code. Feel free to follow along in a REPL or download the source code.

Semi-infinite Loop

The biggest question the event loop must answer is whether the loop is alive. If so, it figures out how long to wait on the callback queue. At each iteration, the loop unwinds the call stack, then polls.

Here’s an example that blocks the main loop:

() => console.log(‘Hi from the callback queue’),
5000); // Keep the loop alive for this long

const stopTime = + 2000;
while ( < stopTime) {} // Block the main loop

If you run this code, note the loop gets blocked for two seconds. But the loop stays alive until the callback executes in five seconds. Once the main loop unblocks, the polling mechanism figures out how long it waits on callbacks. This loop dies when the call stack unwinds and there are no more callbacks left.

The Callback Queue

Now, what happens when I block the main loop and then schedule a callback? Once the loop gets blocked, it doesn’t put more callbacks on the queue:

const stopTime = + 2000;
while ( < stopTime) {} // Block the main loop

// This takes 7 secs to execute
setTimeout(() => console.log(‘Ran callback A’), 5000);

This time the loop stays alive for seven seconds. The event loop is dumb in its simplicity. It has no way of knowing what might get queued in the future. In a real system, incoming callbacks get queued and execute as the main loop is free to poll. The event loop goes through several phases sequentially when it’s unblocked. So, to ace that job interview about the loop, avoid fancy jargon like “event emitter” or “reactor pattern”. It’s a humble single-threaded loop, concurrent, and non-blocking.

The Event Loop with async/await

To avoid blocking the main loop, one idea is to wrap synchronous I/O around async/await:

const fs = require(‘fs’);
const readFileSync = async (path) => await fs.readFileSync(path);

readFileSync(‘’).then((data) => console.log(data));
console.log(‘The event loop continues without blocking…’);

Anything that comes after the await comes from the callback queue. The code reads like synchronously blocking code, but it doesn’t block. Note async/await makes readFileSync thenable, which takes it off the main loop. Think of anything that comes after await as non-blocking via a callback.

Full disclosure: the code above is for demonstration purposes only. In real code, I recommend fs.readFile, which fires a callback that can be wrapped around a promise. The general intent is still valid, because this takes blocking I/O off the main loop.

Continue reading
The Node.js Event Loop: A Developer’s Guide to Concepts & Code
on SitePoint.

20 Freshest Web Designs, August 2020

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In this month’s collection of the freshest web designs from the last four weeks the dominant trend is attention to detail.

You’ll find plenty of animation, in fact, almost every one of these sites uses animation to a greater or lesser degree. Let’s dive in:


Globekit is a tool that allows developers to quickly create animated and interactive globes and embed them on web pages. Its site features some exceptional 3D animation.


Yolélé is food company built around fonio, a West African super grain. Its site features a great page transition, and the landing page carousel is one of the few examples of horizontal scrolling we’ve seen work well.


Begonia is a Taiwanese design agency with an impressive client list. Its site features animated typography, a super bold splash screen, and some surreal artwork. There’s so much here, it’s almost overwhelming.

Next Big Thing

Next Big Thing is an agency supporting the full lifecycle of start-ups. Its site is clearly targeting tech-based clients, and there are some lovely transitions. The masked hero transition on scroll is delightful.


We all have every reason for the odd sleepless night right now, but regular sleep is essential for our health. Proper offers sleep solutions from coaching to supplements on its subtly shaded site.

The Oyster & Fish House

The site for The Oyster & Fish House is packed with some delightful details. We love the subtle wave textures, the photography has a nostalgic feel, and the typography is perfectly sophisticated.

Drink Sustainably

Fat Tire produces America’s first certified carbon neutral beer, and Drink Sustainably has been produced to explain the concept. We love the vintage advertising style of the artwork.


It seems like every week there’s a new CBD brand launching. What we like about Treaty’s site is the slick fullscreen video, the inclusion of botanical illustrations, and the really brave use of whitespace.

Studio Louise

You’re greeted on Studio Louise’s site by a shot of trees with two random shapes; as you scroll the shapes morph and relocate to the top right corner, and you suddenly realize they’re an “S” and an “L”, cue: smiles.


Another site for a CBD product, this time a vibrantly branded sparkling beverage. Wünder’s site features enticing photography, an on-trend color palette, and credible typography.

Seal + Co

Some professions lend themselves to exciting, aspirational sites, and some companies are accountancy firms. However Seal + Co’s site creates the impression of a modern, capable, and imaginative firm.


There is some lovely, 3D animation on the DocSpo site. The company is a Swedish startup enabling digital business proposals, and its site is bold, Appleesque, and packed with nice details.


We never get tired of particle effects, like the one employed by Finland-based agency Motley. There’s some superb work in the portfolio, and it’s great to see a blog using Old Master paintings for thumbnails.

The Ornamental

The Ornamental sources leather goods for wealthy individuals, and luxury lifestyle firms. Its site is minimal, with some drool-worthy handbags. We particularly liked the image zoom hover effect in the store.

G.F Smith

G.F Smith is one of the world’s leading paper suppliers. Its redesigned site is much simpler than its last, with some lovely touches, like the varied paper photography when you hover over product thumbnails.


Raters is a new app that lets you discover new movies via reviews from people you trust. This simple site does an exceptional job of previewing the app, across multiple device sizes.


There’s a whole heap of nice interactive details on Fleava’s site, from the cursor-following circles when hovering over links, to the way the thumbnails are squeezed when dragging through projects.

The Story of Babushka

A babushka doll is a traditional Russian toy, made up of dolls, nested inside dolls. The Story of Babushka uses the toy as a metaphor for growth in this children’s book, and the accompanying animated website.

Grand Matter

After the uniformity of the 2010s, there are a wealth of illustration styles being explored across the web. Grand Matter is an artist agency that represents some amazing talent, and we love the illustration they chose themselves.

Nathan Young

Nathan Young’s site does exactly what it needs to do: Providing case studies for his design work. The fade-out on scroll is a simple device that elevates the whole site experience.


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7 Great Ways to Increase Your Productivity

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In 1915, Albert Einstein presented his brilliant and revolutionary theory of relativity. After completely devoting himself to its creation, without being distracted by anything else. We’re not…

Visit for full content.

The Most Appreciated Web Solutions of 2020

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In this article you will find the most appreciated web solutions of 2020.

To create this list we took into account the following considerations: The popularity of the product or the service; How many users it has; How many times it was downloaded or installed; The level of efficiency; What you get for your money.

You’ll find WordPress themes and plugins, an affordable logo design contest, logo creators, website builders, web development services, and even more. Let’s get started…

1. WooCommerce Support

WooCommerce is the most popular e-commerce plugin for WordPress, being used by all kind of merchants, both small and large companies.

WPcustomify is 100% focused on WooCommerce, having huge experience. They will help you with everything you need:

WooCommerce Plugin Integration
Configuration Support
Support Services

Get in touch with them and let the experts manage all the issues and errors of your WooCommerce. Make the best out of your store, and help it get more traffic and convert better, by using the experience of WPcustomify.

2. actiTIME

Design and development projects require a high degree of precision and organization. To meet desired goals on time and budget, teams should adhere to initial estimates and deadlines impeccably. Besides, to be efficient and productive, they need to manage tasks and monitor progress in a systematic way.

actiTIME can assist developers and their managers in attaining these objectives effortlessly. As a high-quality and user-friendly timesheet app, it allows users to keep a detailed record of hours spent on multiple tasks and, in this way, collect data for consequent client billing and invoicing, as well as performance and productivity analysis.

However, actiTIME is more than just another time tracker – it includes powerful project management functionality that can help you:

Manage project scope by adding new tasks and creating a detailed work breakdown;
Allocate tasks to different team members;
Set up estimates, deadlines and budgets;
Review current work progress and modify task statuses on the Kanban board or in a simple list format;
Receive notifications whenever the risk of cost and time overrun arises.

actiTIME’s flexibility makes it an excellent choice for both individuals and teams of any size. The tool can be configured to meet varying management needs and integrated with many other useful apps through Zapier or API. In addition, you can always use the actiTIME timer through the Chrome extension in Jira, Github and GitLab, which will allow you to track hours without any distractions from the primary work process. Sign up for a free actiTIME trial and bring your productivity to the next level.

3. Total

Total is one of the most complete WordPress theme that you can buy in 2020, being filled with 80+ builder modules, 40+ premade demos that you can install with 1-click, and over 500+ styling options.

This theme has over 43k happy users and it is used by some of the best websites in the world.

This theme is developed and maintained by WordPress experts that have been a part of the WP community for over 10 years.

4. Webdesign Toolbox

Webdesign Toolbox will become a web design tools encyclopedia, currently featuring 965 resources in 78 different categories. Everybody was waiting for such a place and now it is live and heavily updated each month.

I just found out about this place and I can say that it is super. Having all the tools and services in a single place, very well categorized is super helpful. Now you don’t have to lose time on search engines and on ads (who pays more will get in front), you have everything at your disposal, in front of you.

Using Webdesign Toolbox is super simple to find the right web tools and services, just browse the website.

5. TestingBot

Trusted by some of the most innovative companies in the world (Microsoft, Disney, FOX, Grammarly, and many others), and with over 8 year’s experience in this market, TestingBot is a super solution that you can use for automated and manual testing.

It supports cross browser testing, live testing, real device testing, and tons of other things.

Start a free trial and see TestingBot in action.

6. Codester

Codester is a huge marketplace where designers and developers will find tens of thousands of premium PHP scripts, websites templates, apps, plugins, and much more.

Always check the flash sale section where hugely discounted items are being sold.

7. Taskade

Taskade is a super technologically advanced remote workspace (works from anywhere where there’s an internet connection) that you and your team can use for chatting, organizing, and getting things done.

You can build a workspace from scratch using the included editor, use a ready-made templates, or edit the one you want.

This collaboration platform is free to use for 10 projects.

8. Bonsai Invoice Templates

Bonsai is a the best suite of software for freelancers, being the top choice of tens of thousands of freelancers from all over the world.

They help you with everything you need, and they even provide invoice templates for freelance professionals – designer, developer, writer, marketer, contractor, consultant, photographer, etc.

9. Mobirise

Mobirise is the most powerful offline website builder in 2020, being loaded with 3500+ awesome website templates, with sliders, galleries, forms, popups, icons, and even more.

Use it to create a unique website, no coding or design skills needed.

10. Goodie

Goodie was created by a team of experts that have super experience in the web development world.

This service is used mostly by web designers that need a reliable web development partner, and by customers that need to amplify their online presence.

11. MailMunch

MailMunch helps you create eye-catching forms and landing pages in seconds – no coding or design skills required!

It is quick to set up, easy to learn, and packs a punch with built-in email marketing features and integrations with any email marketing service of your choice.

Boost conversions by up to 400% with this complete lead generation software.

12. Email Template Builder

You want to let your website visitors create awesome emails and pages directly on your website? With Unlayer it is possible and it is super simple to implement this feature on your website.

This plug and play email editor and page builder can be embedded it in 5 minutes on your website.

13. Rank Math SEO

Every WordPress website needs a powerful SEO plugin to take care of it. There is a huge difference between these plugins, some being extremely efficient.

One such efficient SEO plugin is Rank Math. This free WordPress plugin will make your website rank higher and get more traffic from your existing content.

Get it now, after a basic configuration the plugin runs autonomously.

14. Schema Pro

Schema markups will make your website rank higher and get more traffic. To quickly add them, use Schema Pro. You press 1 button, and you select all the pages on which you want the schema markups to be added. It is so simple.

15. Landingi

Landingi is a brilliant landing page builder that will help you create awesome designs with no experience, no coding skills and no design ideas.

Create a landing page that converts and which is engaging, with Landingi is a simple task for everybody.

16. CollectiveRay

CollectiveRay is specialized in providing super in-depth tutorials and articles for WordPress, hosting, themes, tools, and all kind of platforms.

You should always browse it whenever you are looking for detailed and accurate information about all kinds of stuff.

17. ContentSnare

ContentSnare is the smart way to collect content. Why is that? Because it is an automated service that will help you quickly gather content from your customers and partners, without losing time on this aspect of your business.

Configure it in a few minutes and right after ContentSnare will be on autopilot, collecting materials in your place.

18. XStore – The King-Size WooCommerce Theme

XSTORE is the most complete WooCommerce theme that you can get in 2020. It has included over 90 shop designs, and it also includes several plugins that are worth $407.

Get it now and build a high converting store.

19. FixRunner

FixRunner is your personal WordPress support team that will take care of your website 24/7.

They offer several services:

One-time fix – As the name says, they will fix a problem that you encounter on your WordPress website.
Several packages for WordPress support and maintenance
Speed optimization service
Custom development
Malware removal
Site upgrade
White label for agencies

Let the experts help you with everything you need so your WordPress website can get the best conversion rates.

20. Heroic Table of Contents Plugin

Heroic Table of Contents is the easiest way to add a table of contents to your WordPress website.

Are you using tables of contents? Everybody loves them, in articles and on websites.

Get your website to the next level with Heroic Table Of Contents, it’s free.

21. WrapPixel

WrapPixel is a popular name in the React templates world. They offer high-quality themes that look awesome and which are lightning fast.

Browse WrapPixel and pick what you need for your projects.

22. Pixpa

Pixpa is a professional website builder that people use to create all-in-one websites: a store, a blog, and a client gallery.

The editor is filled with tons of designs and elements, and it is super simple to use.

23. Astra

Astra is the fastest growing theme of all time, having almost 1 million users.

Why does everybody love Astra? Because it has pixel-perfect included designs, it is fast, SEO optimized, it is simple to use and configure, and it is optimized for conversions.

24. uKit

Meet a very affordable and convenient website builder uKit. It allows you to quickly kickstart your online presence. Prices start from 2.5 USD/month, you get a stable hosting, unlimited storage space, and a free technical domain. Lots of colorful up-to-date templates, responsive technical support, and the ability to connect your external domain. You can try it for free on a 14-day trial – no credit card required.

25. Fotor Online Photo Editor

Fotor is an online photo editor that is used by tens of thousands of web designers, online entrepreneurs, marketers, and people that have an online presence. Creating graphics and pictures that are engaging and converting is simple with Fotor, no need to have any design skills.

The interface will guide you every moment.

You can use Fotor also as a background remover.

26. stepFORM

stepFORM is a first-class freemium service for building forms, quizzes, and various online surveys. The whole process becomes seamless and takes a few minutes because due to the visual intuitive interface no programming skills are needed. With stepFORM, you can add a calc to your website, enable online payments, manage your orders with built-in CRM, and more.  Try it out today! Free!

27. Opinion Stage Facebook Quiz

OpinionStage is a brilliant quiz maker that you can use with zero experience and zero design skills to create high-engaging quizzes.

Use the included editor and the beautiful elements to start designing your own content.

28. focuses on reviewing and comparing website builders that refer to various business niches and make it possible to cover a broad spectrum of web design tasks. This information will be of great help to users looking for a professional web building platform to adhere to their needs. The resource also contains ratings and examples of websites created with popular website builders. 

29. pCloudy

pCloudy is the right service to use for mobile app testing from anywhere and anytime. It has over 100k happy users and it is used by top companies like Philips, Honeywell and Jio.

Start a free trial to see pCloudy in action.

30. Bonsai Contract Templates

Bonsai is offering contract templates that will help you save time and look like a huge corporation.

You will find tons of templates to choose from, you will have the possibility to e-sign the contracts, and use automated reminders. It is super simple to use Bonsai for generating the right contracts for your projects.

31. uSocial

uSocial  is an elegant, lightweight social media icon design tool. Don’t waste time on manual assembling of icons or ordering them from freelancers – now you can design them yourself with uSocial. Make them float, follow the user as they scroll, or simply make them bigger and/or styled in the theme of your website.

32. Controlio

Controlio will help you monitor your employees’ PC activity from anywhere, being the first choice of both small companies and enterprises.

Improve your company security and productivity by using this technologically-advanced software.

Start a free 14-day trial to see Controlio in action.

33. Wix2WP.Pro

Wix2WP.Pro is the all-in-one website migration platform that makes it possible to successfully transfer Wix-powered websites to WordPress. The service is a perfect solution for newbies as well as for web design pros, who lack time to handle the migration process independently. They employ qualified pros, who are ready to tackle all the special nuances of the website transfer procedure with precise attention to details.

34. WhatFontIs

WhatFontIs is the best font finder that you can use in 2020 to identify fonts for free, from any picture and from any website (or email).

This is the only software that has a huge database (over 620k indexed fonts) and which can identify both free and paid fonts, including Google Fonts.

Identify fonts like pros with WhatFontIs.

35. FoxMetrics

FoxMetrics is a super smart cloud-based web analytics platform that empowers businesses to collect, enrich, transform, and explore their mobile, web, and offline customer journey data.

It is much better than everything else.

36. Creative Tim

Creative Tim creates some of the best React, Vuejs, Angular themes, UI Kits, and elements.

They offer both free and paid stuff, take a look on what they offer. Once you use a Creative Tim product, you never go elsewhere.

37. SiteBuilders.PRO

When it comes to moving your website from one website builder or CMS to another, hiring the best SiteBuilders.Pro specialists will surely be an advantage. The platform has rich experience in transferring websites between popular web design systems. What they offer is text and graphic content transfer, web store data import, manual design replication along with SEO, web design and copywriting services. 

38. uCalc

uCalc is a real catch for those who don’t want to splash out on a developer or web designer to build a calculator or form for their website. The service provides you a library of attractive thematic templates and basic elements that you can add, delete, modify, and duplicate. Plus, you can connect the form/calculator with CRM systems. Try it out for yourself!


UPQODE is an eCommerce development agency based in the US. The company offers cost-effective services for all types of businesses. They use Shopify, WordPress and Woocommerce platforms to design user-friendly websites.

In addition to this, the agency offers digital marketing services. These include Google Ads setup, social media advertising, conversion optimization, online store optimization and eCommerce SEO solutions.

UPQODE comprises a team of experts who offer support services for eCommerce platforms with complex functionalities.

40. IP Geolocation API

Abstract is an online tool that will help you get the location of any IP with a word-class API serving city, region, country and lat/long data.

There are over 10,000 developers using Abstrat’s APIs because:

It is easy to implement and maintain
It has speed and it can scale 
This tool has reliable uptime and great support

41. Moderated group chat for live Q&A and Web Events

RumbleTalk will help you add a moderated chat on your website for free, in no time. The platform is filled with tons of features that you will love.

42. WordPressToWix.PRO

WordPressToWix.PRO focuses on ensuring easy, convenient and fast website transfer from WordPress to Wix. The platform also offers quality project promotion and preservation of search engine positions upon the completion of the task. The team of proficient web designers will gladly assist you with all the steps of the procedure, ensuring a top notch result. 

43. uCoz

Get your online presence started with uCoz – a time-tested website builder that already powers millions of websites worldwide. It gives you the complete control over the code, and yet simplicity of the visual editor and a solid pre-built base. It offers you full creative freedom. Create the website of your dreams now, and for free with uCoz!

44. HTMLtoWordPress.PRO

When it comes to reliable, safe and professional HTML to WordPress website migration,  it makes sense to contact HTMLtoWordPress.PRO experts. This is a team of professionals, who possess niche-specific knowledge and can boast years of expertise. This guarantees a safe and quick result that matches up to client requirements. 

45. Blabber

Downloading the Blabber WordPress theme, you get an all-inclusive pack of tools and designs apt for the launch of a blog, online magazine, newspaper, or any other content-rich online resource. This is an ever-growing WordPress theme. It features a collection of 20+ homepage demos, which a new design added to the collection every week. The theme is fully based on the Elementor page builder and features full compatibility with a variety of WordPress plugins. It’s easy to set up the Blabber theme even if you are not a design or coding expert. The theme offers a rich selection of ready-to-go page sand layout styles, which you may adjust according to your specific demands.

46. FC United

If you are looking for a ready-made WordPress theme that can become a rock-solid foundation for your sports-related website, then FC United will handle this job perfectly well. The theme is ready to be used for the launch of football and soccer clubs, as well as basketball and NFL web projects. The multi-functional layout of the theme includes all tools and features that you may need for the launch of a professional sports website. This includes match reports, league tables, team and player profiles with stats, outstanding galleries and shortcodes, and more. Whenever it’s needed, the theme can be enhanced with the eCommerce features owing to its full compatibility with WooCommerce. 

47. Craftis

If you are looking forward to launching handcraft services and goods websites, then Craftis WordPress theme will perfectly suit for this purpose. This is a multi-functional ready-made design featuring a collection of 10+ homepage demos under the hood. The theme is compatible with the Elementor page builder, which lets you apply all the necessary changes to the pre-built page in the intuitive visual mode. The theme also features a selection of ready-made pages that are suited for many different purposes. Using the Craftis theme, you may start selling online without any difficulties. The theme is also compatible with the Elegro Crypto Payment plugin that is perfectly suited for the launch of web stores. 


There are lots of super-efficient and easy to use tools in this article. Make a schedule starting with today and start testing them.

Many times, simple solutions like this ai logo maker can make wonders for your website. Take your time to see these solutions in action.


[– This is a sponsored post on behalf of Mekanism –]


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Simple and Super Elegant Brand Identity for Elogic

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Simple and Super Elegant Brand Identity for Elogic
Simple and Super Elegant Brand Identity for Elogic


The super talented designers at created a brand new visual language for the e-commerce development company Elogic. The new visual language aims to speak to its customers on the same level as they speak with their website end-users. 

Elogic is a 360° e-commerce powerhouse that is devoted to delivering bespoke solutions with the help of talented individuals and industry-specific expertise.

Elogic develops e-commerce solutions on Magento covering all the development needs of online entrepreneurs. From prototyping to building to customization, you will get a high-performing, feature-packed, scalable, and secure e-commerce website.

Branding and Visual Identity

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Get Cloud Certified with ExamPro’s Smart Learning Platform

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How ExamPro's Smart Learning Helps Developers Get Cloud Certified

ExamPro is a study platform to help people pass cloud certification exams.

Cloud certification exams are challenging, and involve retaining large quantities of technical information. They also open up significant new doors for career advancement and learning potential.

What if there was a platform that reduced your study time and increased your chances of passing? ExamPro helps participants pass by using a smart learning methodology powered by an AI instructor that reviews your study habits.

ExamPro’s founders talk about what they’ve built, and the pain points the product addresses for developers.

A road disappearing in the distance

This article is part of The Roadmap, where we look at the creation and promotion of products from the developer’s perspective. We’ll share top lessons from product leaders, and give technical founders a space to share their early-stage products with you. If you’re interested in being featured, let us know.

The Cloud Has Changed the Way We Build Applications

Before Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) like Amazon Web Services, you would have to build and maintain your digital infrastructure yourself.

Previously, if you wanted to add a full-text search engine to your web application, you would have to:

install open-source software such as ElasticSearch
maintain that server via upgrade and security patches
configure the open-source software to be highly optimized
scale by adding load balancing and orchestrating multiple servers
and create a schedule for data backups.

Now with AWS, you can use the AWS ElasticSearch Service. It will launch a server that scales and is secure by default, and is already configured to be highly optimized. AWS employs world-class engineers to maintain that service.

Widespread cloud adoption has driven the cost down through cost-sharing of the underlying servers so far that it’s hard to justify paying for an in-house engineer when you can just pay to use the service for a fraction of a penny per hour.

Using the Cloud Has Introduced a New Demand from Tech Companies

AWS is the most popular CSP among startups and technology companies. A CSP is a company with a collection of cloud services that you can use to build applications hosted on the cloud.

AWS is a special kind of CSP because it has hundreds of cloud services for any conceivable use case, and they all seamlessly work together.

Do you need to host a database? Then use AWS RDS.
Do you need a server? Then use AWS EC2.
Do you need a chatbot? Then use AWS Lex.
Do need to generate reports for terabytes of data? Then use AWS Redshift.
Do you need long-term storage for 7 years? Then use AWS Glacier.
Do you need to rent a satellite? Then use AWS Ground Station.

And then the list goes on and on.

AWS allows companies to compete globally and have access to a wide range of cloud services to build complex applications.

For a company to take advantage of the cloud, they need someone who knows how to use AWS. Since there are 200+ services, they will need knowledgeable people in different combinations of cloud services based on their use case and business goals.

What Are AWS Certifications?

AWS has officially created AWS Certifications to help companies identify qualified hiring candidates for cloud roles, and as of writing this article, they have 12 possible AWS certifications:

Certified Cloud Practitioner (CCP)
Solutions Architect Associate (SAA)
Developer Associate
SysOps Administrator Associate
DevOps Professional
Solutions Architect Professional
Machine Learning Specialty
Data Analytics Specialty
Databases Specialty
Security Specialty
Advanced Networking Specialty
Alexa Skill Builder Specialty

The two most popular AWS certifications are the CCP and the SAA, because they cover the broadest number of AWS services.

The CCP is the introduction to AWS. The certification costs $100 USD to sit the exam at a test center or online, which can be passed with one to two weeks of study and is valid for three years.
The SAA covers more in-depth services included in the CCP. The certification costs $150 USD to sit the exam at a test center or online, which can be passed with three to five weeks of study and is valid for three years.

When you pass an AWS Certification, you get the next half off, so it’s common for people to take the CCP for $100 USD and then take the SAA at $75 USD.

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Get Cloud Certified with ExamPro’s Smart Learning Platform
on SitePoint.

Collective #619

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Collective 619 Item Image

Inspirational Website of the Week: Next Big Thing

Excellent layout explorations with very nice details. Our pick this week.

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The Animated Web

A wonderful resource site by Steve Gardner that collects animations from around the web.

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The Just in Case Mindset in CSS

Ahmad Shadeed writes about the “just in case mindset” which aims to educate designers and developers to think ahead of time of some possible failure scenarios for a component.

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Accessibility In Chrome DevTools

This article Umar Hansa demonstrates some useful features in DevTools which can help you improve the accessibility of your website.

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Free and open-source guides for learning Puppeteer & Playwright.

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Generative art by Manolo

Generative artist Manolo shares all his sketches including code and generated images for free. Absolutely stunning work!

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#s3e34 ALL YOUR HTML, Four Icosahedron geometries

A fantastic video tutorial by Yuri Artyukh on how to create four different icosahedron geometries.

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Custom Select Styles with Pure CSS

Stephanie Eckles shows how to style native select elements with CSS only.

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Leading-Trim: The Future of Digital Typesetting

Read how an emerging CSS standard can fix old problems and raise the bar for web apps.

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Creating 3D Illustrations with CSS

Learn the process of creating 3D illustrations with CSS only.

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Infinity Search

A new search engine where you can search with privacy and efficiency.

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Fixing Safari’s back button browser cache issue with vanilla JS

Learn how to fix a weird cache quirk in Safari in this article by Chris Ferdinandi.

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Impossible Checkbox v2

A supercool little checkbox that will make it impossible for you to leave it checked ?

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Making Maisel Marvelous

A beautiful, immersive web experience for the Marvelous Mrs. Maisel series.

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Single Page Applications using Rust

An easy to follow guide to building SPAs using Rust, WebAssembly and Yew.

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I Love MDN, or the cult of the free in action

Peter-Paul Koch shares why he finds I Love MDN demeaning to technical writers. Also, read The cult of the free must die to understand more on the topic.

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Mozilla Lifeboat

A list of Mozillians actively hiring kind, passionate, awesome humans.

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Tip on inputmode

Álvaro Trigo shows a great trip on using “inputmode” to hint browsers what virtual keyboard to show.

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In case you didn’t know it yet: Kinopio is the visual thinking tool for new ideas and hard problems.

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Paper plotter

Such a cool thing: create 3D plots out of paper!

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Natively Format JavaScript Numbers

A great explainer on how to format JavaScript numbers by Elijah Manor.

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Thumbnail to Full Width Image Animation

An experimental animation where an image goes from thumbnail to full width, allowing for a classy entry to an article view.

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